Naruto Cliffhanger drops a dark return from the Akatsuki

Naruto is busy these days, and if you asked fans, they’d say there’s never been a better time to check out the franchise. With a sequel on the way, the IP has come back to life with two new spin-off series. One of them looked at Kakashi and Gai as they travel as a couple with Asuma’s daughter to a distant land. And not too long ago, the series dropped a dark cliffhanger on the Akatsuki.

The whole thing was uploaded in Chapter Two of Naruto: The Steam Ninja Chronicles. The series has finally been made into a manga, and the expanded side story is already getting a lot of praise from fans. After all, the story puts Kakashi center stage, and his new mission with Gai and Mirai is about to hit the latter where it hurts.

And why is that? Well, Mirai is about to travel to the Land of Steam, and this place marks the home of Hidan, her father’s killer.

Hidan’s return?

If you remember Naruto Shippuden, Hidan was a member of Akatsuki and he was a very fanatical character. Hidan was born in the Hidden Steam Village and his devotion to the deity Jashin made him nearly immortal. Unhappy with his home country’s pacifist ways, Hidan chose to go rogue and join the Akatsuki to honor Jashin. In the end, the ninja killed hundreds, if not thousands, in an attempt to quench Jashin’s bloodlust, and one of his victims was Asuma.

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The death of the Hidden Leaf hero was hard to swallow and marked one of Naruto Shippuden’s most emotional moments to date. Asuma’s loss was compounded when fans learned that her lover Kurenai was pregnant and her daughter Mirai never got to meet her father. Now she is on a mission with the former Hokage to the land where Hidan’s bloodlust was cultivated. And if Jashin’s followers find her there, well – Mirai will face the same threat her father handled years ago.

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