‘Narco-Saints’ is a crime thriller about a civilian undercover agent: director

SEOUL, Sept. 7 (Yonhap) — The director of “Narco-Saints,” Netflix’s upcoming Korean original film, said Wednesday that he’s telling an unprecedented thrilling story about an untrained citizen who takes on missions undercover to capture a drug baron in a southern country. American country.

“I looked for a movie or TV series that covered a civilian working undercover, but I couldn’t find one,” Yoon Jong-bin, who helmed Netflix’s six-part series, said during an interview. press conference in Seoul. “The key point is that an ordinary businessman who has no specialized training experience only survives life-threatening situations with the talent to adapt to the circumstances.”

Based on a true story, the series follows an ordinary businessman named Kang In-gu (Ha Jung-woo), who is forced to join a secret mission tasked by the National Intelligence Service while being involved in a related plot. to drugs conspired by Jeon. Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min), a Korean drug lord in Suriname disguised as a Christian pastor.

The director said he was so impressed with the real-life story of a drug kingpin named Cho Bong-haeng, who ran a major drug trafficking ring in Suriname and was arrested in Brazil in 2009 by the Korean spy agency working with a businessman. in Suriname.

“I was so interested in this story. When I first read the script for a two-hour movie, I thought there were too many episodes and interesting ideas missing,” said- he declared. “So I wanted to tell this story at a longer pace and joined hands with Netflix.”

“Narco-Saints” is the first television series by Yoon, who is well known for many South Korean box office hits, including the spy thriller “The Spy Gone North” (2018) and the film historical action “Kundo: Age of Rampant” (2014).

He said it was difficult for a seasoned filmmaker to fit into the tight filming schedule of a longer TV series and do cliffhanger endings to keep audiences hooked for the next installment.

“I had to shoot a six-hour series in the same timeframe with a movie. It’s a huge pressure,” he said. “And I spent a lot of time concentrating on the last scenes of each episode to keep the tension going.”

Actor Ha Jung-woo, who wrote and directed two films, “Fasten Your Seatbelt” (2013) and “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” (2015), played a role in encouraging director Yoon to work on this project about seven years ago. .

“I thought the true story of the Suriname drug lord was worth dramatizing. It’s so dramatic,” he said. “It’s so impressive and interesting that I thought it would be made into a movie someday in the future.”

“Narco-Saints” will be available on Netflix this Friday.