My Hero Academia Just Killed Off One Of The Show’s Greatest Characters

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 362 ahead! The final war between heroes and villains has reached an intense new stage as the heroes attempt to resist Tomura Shigaraki for as long as they can until Izuku Midoriya can take to the battlefield. This was difficult as the villain’s altered body and All For One powers made him a far more dangerous monster than ever. It was quite a hard pill for Katsuki Bakugo to swallow, as he realized just how big the gap was between him and the power of the villain.

The latest chapter list has launched a full assault on Shigaraki, but the villain has been able to fend off all attempts so far. Despite Bakugo’s best efforts, he was bloodied and battered with some of his worst injuries yet as Shigaraki thwarted every move. But as it turns out, those were far from the worst injuries, as Bakugo wasn’t done jumping mid-fight. And judging by the final moments of the final chapter, Bakugo was outright killed by Shigaraki with a hole punched through his heart.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 sees Bakugo join the fight one last time when the Big Three’s plans no longer fail to deal damage to Shigaraki. When we last saw Bakugo, he was contemplating his next move against the villain while nursing his huge wound. It seemed like his Quirk was ready to evolve into the next stage, and the chapter confirms that is the case as he is able to fight without channeling his swear words and igniting in his palms alone. But if he is able to surprise Shigaraki at first, it’s not enough.

Despite the efforts of the other heroes trying to get in the way, Shigaraki lands a direct blow to Bakugo’s chest and punches a hole through his heart. As Best Jeanist and a few of the other heroes overlook the situation, his heart is confirmed to have taken a fatal blow and the final page of the chapter leaves the explosive hero bloodied and motionless. It’s still too early to tell if Bakugo was really killed off (this series has touched on things like this before), but it will be a cliffhanger that will keep fans thinking for quite a while.

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