My Hero Academia Cliffhanger stages the death of fan favorite Vigilante

My Hero Academia sets the sad backdrop for the death of a fan favorite self-defense hero with the new chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes! The Vigilantes spin-off is in the middle of what appears to be its final arc as the Naruhata War culminates in the fight between Koichi Haimawari’s Crawler and villain number 6. In fact, the fight has been so hard that Crawler is starting to learn even more about his own abilities in combat. But he also received very crucial help with the surprising return of his master, Knuckleduster.

After missing from the series for a while after the initial fight and chaos against Queen Bee, Knuckleduster returned to action with the previous few chapters as he provided key assistance to Crawler and just at the right time. But in his own fight against number 6, it looks like the damage inflicted did a lot more damage than fans might have expected. Because looking at the vigilante in the last chapter of the series, Knuckleduster is much worse for wear and is currently on the verge of death.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 116 of the series picks up just after Crawler is enveloped in Number 6’s final explosive assault as his body transforms into its most dangerous form yet. Crawler is pretty much defeated both mentally and physically, but soon he sees Knuckleduster in his mind as his former master begins to piss him off. While it’s great to see enough of it on his own, unfortunately there is a pretty negative cloud above him as his physical body appears to be limp and not moving.

His sagging body and lack of response when called upon to definitely spell something bad for this fan-favorite vigilante shortly after his return to the show. It has yet to be officially confirmed if he’s really dead (what fans of the franchise know all too well is to wait for official confirmation somehow in the actual pages of the movie. manga), but with his last bit of wit, it looks like he’s convinced Crawler to get up and end the fight soon.

What do you think of this tease? Do you think My Hero Academia: Vigilantes really killed Knuckleduster with its new chapter? How would you feel about it, if that happened? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about anything animated and other cool stuff. @Valdezologie on Twitter!