Mum rants about woman’s ‘disgusting act’ towards her daughter at Easter festival

A Perth mum has detailed the horrific moment her 21-month-old daughter was allegedly ripped from her arms and punched in the stomach by an adult during an Easter family event.

Natalie Linthorne was with her daughter Sienna at the Kids Big Carnival at the Wanneroo Showgrounds in the north of the city around 2.30pm on Saturday when the shocking incident happened.

Ms Linthorne said she was ‘shocked and absolutely appalled by the behavior of a grown woman’, who appeared drunk, she said. western australia.

“It’s just a disgusting act to do that to a little little kid,” she said.

Perth’s mother was ‘disgusted’ by the woman’s actions towards her daughter. Source: Facebook

Wanneroo Police, who are currently investigating, told Yahoo News Australia that the stranger was ‘acting aggressively and verbally abusing staff on various rides in the show’.

“It was reported that a mother and her child were in the area near the bumper cars when this woman approached them and for no reason pushed the child out of her mother’s arms before hitting her in the chest, causing her to fall to the ground,” a spokesperson said.

“She just ran up to me yelling ‘don’t touch my daughter your stupid milkman’…and then she saw Sienna,” Ms Linthorne told local media.

“(She) knocked her out of my arms, hit her in the stomach, she fell on the ground. And then she went and stepped on her but thank God another woman pulled her back.”

Carousel at the Kids Big Carnival at Wanneroo Showgrounds Easter event in Perth

The Kids Big Carnival at Wanneroo Showgrounds in Perth is a family-friendly Easter event. Source: Facebook/Kids Big Carnival Perth

Mrs Linthorne said the incident happened after a carnival worker said the woman’s son was too small to ride the bumper car. She allegedly punched the worker in the face who was filmed by a witness.

It is claimed the woman jumped the fence to confront the person filming, prompting her children to follow.

Ms Linthorne tried to restrain the woman’s daughter, fearing for the child’s safety. But that’s when the woman turned against her, she claims.

Ms Linthorne said the incident left her daughter bruised, but she was fine.

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