Moors face charges from RI + James Diossa to be honored by Joe Biden


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First of all, the weather forecast for the day: Wet and overcast all day. High: 83, low: 69.

Choice of fixes:

• The public will be able to vote on New Rhode Island license plate design. The DMV will release details of its plate design competition in a few weeks. (WJAR)

• Naval Reserve veteran Lester C. Bray from Pawtucket drops to 90. (GoLocal Prov)

Here are the best stories from Pawtucket today:

1. Two members of “Rise Of The Moors” face new charges in Rhode Island.

Attorney General Peter Neronha has announced arrest warrants against two men affiliated with “Rise of the Moors”. Tolman graduate Jahmal Talib Abdulla Bey and Pawtucket resident Quinn Cumberlander are already in Massachusetts following an armed confrontation with police on July 3. Bey is the so-called leader of a group of “Moorish nationals” who operated out of Providence. Its members claim that state and federal laws do not apply to them. (Pawtucket Patch)

2. Former Central Falls Mayor James Diossa will be honored at the White House.

You heard that right. “Thanks to hard work and the development of strategic partnerships, James became Central Falls around, stabilize the city’s finances and raising the rating of its long-term bonds to investment grade … More recently, James led the partnership efforts with the neighboring town of Pawtucket to create a unified response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ” Diossa was appointed by President Joe Biden to the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, an entity created by Congress in 1986 (WhiteHouse.Gov)

3. The new law allows more beverage sales at Rotary breweries and distilleries.

A new Rhode Island law allows craft breweries and distilleries to sell much more of their bottled beverages to customers who want to stock up on their favorite beers and whiskeys. A brewer from Pawtucket explains why the new rules are so important for small, locally run breweries. (Pawtucket patch)

4. Hasbro promotes the new leader of global interior brands.

The head of Hasbro’s new Global Consumer Innovation Organization unit has been hired internally. In his new role, Kim boyd drive the company’s brands globally through consumer-driven innovation. Boyd will be based at Hasbro’s head office in Pawtucket and report to Eric Nyman, Director of Consumer Affairs and COO of Hasbro. (The Toy Report)

5. The Looff Carousel in Slater Park will be celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Everyone is invited to Slater Park on Saturday, June 17 for free rides, entertainment and a nighttime screening of Toy Story 4. The carousel was built in 1895 by Charles ID Looff, a German master sculptor. It was moved to Pawtucket in 1910. (Pawtucket Patch)

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