Modified Toyota Innova with Lexus body kit looks premium

Toyota Innova is one of the most popular minivans in the Indian market. This MPV has been on the market for over a decade and it has been replaced by the more upscale Innova Crysta. It is popular among buyers for its spacious cabin and comfortable ride. They are extremely reliable and we have featured several Toyota Innovas on our website that have traveled over 2-3 lakh km. One thing that most Innova owners are bored with their minivan is the looks. In order to get a new look, many Innova owners go for customizations and modifications on the minivan. Here we have such a type 1 Innova which has been carefully modified with a bespoke Lexus body kit.

The video was uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the car comes to the garage for modification work. The owner had already converted the type 1 Innova to a type 4 from another garage, but the job was not done properly. The paint had started to fade and likewise the interior had also started to look old. The car also comes with several dents and scratches on the body panels. The team starts working on the car and lays down part of it, they remove the hood, the bumper, the headlights, the grille from the front. The fenders at the front were also removed as part of the modification.

Once these panels were removed, they began to fix the dents. The paint was removed from the parts where the dents were marked and the dent was repaired using a dent removal machine. After repairing the area, the surface was sanded to an even finish. Once done, a thin layer of putty was applied to these panels and the excess putty was removed as well. At that time, a set of new hoods, fenders were installed on the car along with the custom-made bumper and grille. The car’s original paint has been sanded and the car has been washed once to avoid any dust particles. A coat of primer was then applied to the entire car and then the car was taken to the paint booth.

The car was taken to the paint booth and all panels were painted Mojave Silver. It is a color that Mercedes offers with GLE SUV. The shadow looked extremely nice on the car and gave a premium vibe. The front bumper, which is now a bespoke Lexus-inspired unit, enhances the overall appearance with its large grille finished in gloss black. The headlights are also aftermarket units and they are LED projector units with integrated LED daytime running lights. The fog lights are integrated on the bumper and they are also LEDs. As for the side profile, there are aftermarket alloy wheels, side skirts. Out back, the MPV comes with aftermarket LED taillights and a custom rear bumper.

The interiors of this Innova MPV have also been fully customized. The cabin now has an Ice Gray and Black theme with features such as bespoke seat covers, blacked out steering wheels, leather door pads, ambient lighting, floor mats, screen infotainment system spare touchpad, etc. The minivan looks extremely beautiful after all the modifications and customizations.