MCU’s Thunderbolts Could Revive Daredevil’s Bullseye

For a while, rumors swirled that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was considering a Thunderbolts movie. Fans were skeptical, however, because Marvel Studios, unlike Warner Bros. and DC, was not a brand that seemed ready to glorify the bad guys. However, it appears that with the project moving forward, Jake Schreier has reportedly been tapped to helm the long-gestating property.

However, with little information released, fans are already speculating who might be behind the team and which members will be hired for the black-ops missions. Interestingly, with a few Netflix characters returning to play in the MCU, there’s an opportunity to revive an infamous villain from that realm – daredevil Bubble.

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In the third season of daredevil, Benjamin Poindexter (played by Wilson Bethel) was a former FBI agent who was hired to impersonate the Man Without Fear. He engaged in a brutal war with Matt Murdock in Hell’s Kitchen, and while he was defeated, the finale saw him changed into Bullseye. However, the cliffhanger was bittersweet because the show was canned with Netflix’s other Marvel properties.

But with Murdock in Spider-Man: No Coming Home as a lawyer for Peter Parker and Kingpin appearing in Hawk Eye, that means Bullseye could be fair play. And Love at first sight would suit him perfectly, which harkens back to the comics he was taken to during Civil war to hunt illegal superhumans by the government. He would later claim to be Hawkeye during the reign of Norman Osborn, and both accounts match what he was already doing in Hell’s Kitchen in Daredevil.

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With studio president Kevin Feige admitting the avengers the movies are over, Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine might instead be directing the Love at first sight instead of dark avengers. Seeing as she has Yelena Belova as her new Black Widow and John Walker as her dark Captain America, Ben in his Bullseye costume can become his twisted version of Hawkeye. As a false equivalent, he would create great tension with Yelena and John, who may slowly realize that they are on the wrong team after seeing such a sadistic endorsed man on the pitch.

Bullseye breaking the rules, warping the team’s moral compass, and possibly killing might even show Val that her team isn’t the symbol she envisioned. And removing him from the team could be what completely unleashes his berserker mode. This would complete Bullseye’s origin story, allowing him to leave and resume a personal vendetta against heroes he deems worthy, whether it’s Daredevil again, Hawkeye, or even a new face like Spidey. It would also set him up to find kindred spirits such as Kraven the Hunter to form deadly alliances and give him that space in the MCU to be an unfettered monster.