Matt Nagy’s stubbornness almost sealed a disastrous end for him and the Chicago Bears

The sound Chicago Bear Head coach Matt Nagy heard when he woke up this morning that the unemployment train was fast approaching.

More often than not, coaches with two playoff appearances in three seasons are considered safe at the start of the season. However, Nagy’s stubbornness involving quarterbacks Andy Dalton and Justin Fields may have sealed his fate as the first head coach to be dismissed in the 2021 season.

Matt Nagy remains stubborn about Chicago Bears quarterback situation

When the Bears signed Dalton, the veteran quarterback who spent last season with the Dallas Cowboys, Nagy made it clear that the triple Pro Bowler would be his starter this season.

When the Bears traded in the 2021 NFL Draft and used the 11th overall on Fields, the dynamic Ohio State product, Nagy went on to say Dalton would start for the Bears in 2021.

This summer was a verse repeated on a worn tape. Despite Fields’ solid play throughout training camp and preseason, Nagy refused to budge and reopen quarterback competition. Unless Dalton can physically play in Week 1, he will almost certainly be the one to start against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams on September 12.

Nagy’s motivation for wanting to start Dalton in week 1? “We have to see it in the regular season,” he told reporters after the Bears’ second preseason game, a 41-15 loss to Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.

Dalton completed 11 of his 17 passes for 146 yards, one touchdown and one interception in the Aug.21 loss. Although Fields completed only nine of 19 passes for 80 yards, he also ran for 46 yards on four carries.

Nagy almost sealed her fate with the Bears at this point

Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy’s Seat Heats Up Day By Day | Robin Alam / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Look, no one is going to fault a head coach for wanting to give their rookie quarterback a few games – or even most of a full year – on the bench. Fields is still only 22, and the Bears could be forgiven for wanting to take him slowly.

The problem is Nagy’s stubbornness. For him, replacing Dalton at Fields isn’t so much about developing a player the Bears hope to wear their uniform for 10 to 15 years. Instead, it’s about loyalty to a veteran and a desire to be right, two traits a franchise chasing its first Super Bowl win in nearly 40 years may not want to hear. for the moment.

Yes, Nagy led the Bears to two playoff appearances – including an NFC North title in 2018 – in his first three years as a head coach. But the Bears went 28-20 in the regular season during that time while facing inconsistent quarterback play, whether it was Mitchell Trubisky or Nick Foles under center.

Nagy is expected to approach this season as a defining year for himself and the current regime. If starting Dalton is the safest answer for the team and the development of Fields is one thing. But is it about the team, or is it about Nagy fighting against outside pressure?

Dalton can prove we’re all wrong and be an effective starter after all. But if the Bears start 1-5 from the start and Nagy isn’t looking to Fields just yet, don’t be surprised if the fourth-year head coach is out of work by November 1.

Which coaches should the Bears sue if they end up firing Nagy?

The NFL coaching carousel is unpredictable. At that time, two years ago, would you have imagined that Urban Meyer was an NFL head coach, but Eric Bieniemy is always the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator?

If the Bears decide Nagy is not the answer, the team is in the best position to add another attacking-minded coach as a replacement. Doug Pederson, the former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, worked with Nagy on the Eagles and Chiefs when they both served under Andy Reid. Would the Bears replace one disciple of Reid with another?

Bieniemy will be a trendy name for work, as it is for every opening. Another option is Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, although he may already have an unofficial verbal agreement to replace Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians when the latter retires.

Chicago could still go into the college ranks. Ole head coach Miss Lane Kiffin is a much different and more mature man than the one who coached the 2007-08 Oakland Raiders. Elsewhere in the SEC, Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen has reportedly been an NFL coaching candidate in recent years. However, Mullen hadn’t interviewed any jobs despite his success with the Gators.

Then again, maybe the Bears will find themselves in the purgatory of football and Nagy will never leave. For fans of the Bears, we are sorry to have given birth to this idea.

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