Maruti Swift owner sinks into pillar to ‘check’ NCAP score

It seems that a Maruti Swift owner wanted to check his car’s 2-star G-NCAP score and as a result deliberately rammed it into a pillar

Recently, we told you about people who used bizarre ways to “test” the build quality of their vehicles by kicking, punching, and pushing sheet metal. Today, however, things have taken to another level as a Maruti Swift owner can be seen deliberately driving into a power pole in what appears to be an attempt to verify his vehicle’s 2-star G-NCAP score. It should be noted here that there has been an increased focus on the G-NCAP ratings many popular cars have managed to achieve in recent times. So far, vehicles from Tata Motors have made a point of passing NCAP tests, while small cars from Maruti Suzuki have yet to impress us with a high G-NCAP score. The crash test results of the testing organization notwithstanding, people have definitely resorted to totally insane ways to check the safety quotient of their vehicles.

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The video above shows a white colored Maruti Swift, complete with body decals and aftermarket alloy wheels, being driven into a power pole at quite a low speed. The video claims that the owner of this car wanted to check the crashworthiness of his vehicle. Admittedly, he wasn’t too sure about his car’s 2-star NCAP score and wanted to take matters into his own hands to check the ruggedness of his vehicle. So it rolls into the metal pole at a fairly low speed and the front of the Swift can be seen taking quite a big hit as its bumper as well as the hood deform. Meanwhile, without attempting to find a scientific explanation for this rather unscientifically performed test, the video commentary criticizes the sedan for “poor” build quality. Moreover, it goes without saying that such activities are not only illogical, but can even cause injury to oneself or other road users.

It must be noted here that engineers design and develop cars with enough crumple zones to protect occupants in the event of a collision. All modern cars today are equipped with strong side pillars to optimize stress and load transfers, airbags and other safety kits to ensure the safety of cabin occupants. While safety equipment plays a role in maximizing the safety net for occupants, crumple zones help minimize energy transfer to the cabin. The bumpers, fenders and hood are specially designed to absorb the maximum possible energy in the event of a collision. Contrary to popular belief, they are not meant to stay rigid on impact. Therefore, deliberately entering a pillar to check a vehicle’s safety quotient makes absolutely no sense.

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We ask all of our readers not to form opinions based on the senseless antics of these self-proclaimed experts.

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We urge our audience to stay away from such activities and even avoid forming an opinion based on such senseless acts. There is surely no harm in forming your judgment based on G-NCAP ratings, but the activities of these self-proclaimed experts should be merely ridiculed.

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