Manny Pacquiao’s Big Five Fights

Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxing icon who announced his retirement on Wednesday after 72 fights, has been involved in spectacular fights during his distinguished career.

AFP Sport highlights five of the best involving the boxing legend.

De La Hoya destroyed

Opponent: Oscar De La Hoya, December 6, 2008, Las Vegas

Pacquiao strengthened himself to move up to the welterweight class and completely punished Oscar De La Hoya, the lightning-fast Filipino leaving the face of American boxing’s golden boy disfigured with ugly swelling.

In the seventh round it was a one-sided affair, and after one more round De La Hoya’s corner signaled to the referee that he didn’t want it anymore.

Hatton humiliated

Ricky Hatton, May 2, 2009, Las Vegas

The brave Briton charged Pacquiao from the opening bell, entering an ambush that led to just two first-round knockdowns of the International Boxing Organization welterweight title showdown.

At the end of the second, a left hook from Pacquiao shook Hatton’s chin and sent him straight into dreamland in what was arguably the most spectacular of the Filipinos’ 39 wins that ended in knockout. .

Cotto cut

Miguel Cotto, November 14, 2009, Las Vegas

Pacquiao dropped Cotto with a right hook in the third and the bigger Puerto Rican hit the canvas again in the fourth, but was saved by the bell.

In the ninth round of the world welterweight title fight, blood spurted from Cotto’s face. The referee stopped the fight at the start of the 12th round to save Cotto from further penalties.

Mutilated Margarito

Antonio Margarito, November 13, 2010, Arlington, Texas

The US-born Mexican dominated the Filipino, but was completely destroyed in 12 unbalanced rounds in the fight for the vacant World Boxing Council super welterweight crown.

In the end, with his face bruised and bloodied, Margarito was rushed to hospital and then underwent surgery for a fractured right orbital bone.

Magic mark

Juan Manuel Marquez, December 8, 2012, Las Vegas

The fourth and final showdown against his great Mexican rival was a brutal brawl that ended with Pacquiao falling like a log face first to the canvas just before the end of the sixth round.

Knocked down in the third round, Pacquiao had come back in the fifth, smashing the Mexican’s nose and sending him to the mat in what was arguably the best lap of the Filipino’s career.

But the bloodied Marquez had the last laugh with a sixth-round punch to send Pacquiao to a stunning second straight loss.

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