Maneet Chauhan shares his favorite moments from Chocolate Meltdown

Although she may be the reigning Queen of the Tournament of Champions, Maneet Chauhan is stepping away from the stove and entering her role as a judge in the Food Network Chocolate Meltdown: Hersheypark After Dark competition. At the new series premiere on Food Network, Chef Chauhan told FoodSided about some of his favorite moments, his chemistry with fellow judges, and his love for a good ride in a theme park.

From her first appearance on Iron Chef America until her stint in Chopped, Chef Maneet Chauhan has shone in her various roles on the Food Network. As she pushes creativity into the kitchen, it’s not just bold spices and amazing plates that grab people’s attention. Her warm and welcoming personality makes every moment even more enjoyable.

In a recent conversation before the premiere of Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark, Chef Chauhan shared some tidbits about this unique culinary competition. While Ghostober brings both spooky and delicious programming to Food Network, this culinary TV show is a first in many ways. From location to premise, there are plenty of reasons to look.

Chef Chauhan described the first moment she stepped onto the set as “a kid in a candy store”. Since Hershey candy was one of the few overseas chocolates she could get while growing up in India, it was a blend of that childhood wonder with the thrill of being in a park in night theme.

Since the judges got to explore Hersheypark during the film, Chef Chauhan has shared how one of his favorite moments was riding the Ferris wheel with Sunny Anderson and Ralph Attanasia. As Chef Chauhan put it, “that conversation and those moments of laughter as there was a little pinch in the air with the hot chocolate to savor were perfect.” Through her description, she captured that moment perfectly and seemed to express how the backdrop to the Hersheypark was the other host of the food TV show.

While Sunny Anderson and Chauhan have both appeared on shows together, the addition of Ralph, who appeared in Buddy vs. Duff, brought a very energetic vibe. Chef Chauhan explained that she didn’t expect “Ralph’s quirky sense of humor,” but there was this incredible chemistry that was undeniable. Mixing this aspect with Ralph’s ‘talented technical knowledge’, which has been seen in his ‘incredible masterpieces’, was a sweet surprise that everyone will appreciate.

Maneet Chauhan reveals the secret to winning centerpieces on Chocolate Meltdown

As the new Food Network unfolds, each challenge is more than an awesome job on the sugar on display. Beyond the stunning visual, Chef Chauhan shared the key to a successful piece.

For her, it’s about telling the story while “celebrating the soul” of the play. Beyond technical expertise, the link must be clear.

In some ways, this willingness to show that “soul” makes judgment difficult for Chief Chauhan. Although she wants to give constructive criticism, she doesn’t want to crush anyone. She knows that chefs “take these comments to heart” and “it is important to give feedback to make it stronger”.

This willingness to learn from mistakes is something that many chefs have come to appreciate. The concept of being ready to grow, learn and adapt is the key to success both in and out of the kitchen.

Still, there is a sense of wonder and awe when watching Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark. In the words of Chief Maneet, it reminded him of the story of the shoemaker and the elves, “where after going to sleep at night and getting up in the morning to find these wonderful shoes.” It was the same with those chefs who walked into these kitchens and then created these amazing and inspiring masterpieces. “

While viewers can get a glimpse of how these magical elves work, the awe and awe are still breathtaking. And, quite frankly, it might inspire uses for all of those Halloween candy.

And what Halloween candy is Chef Chauhan offering this year? She shared that her son is going through a superhero phase and that Hershey Superhero Bars will be her Halloween candy of choice this year.

Be sure to watch Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark Mondays at 10 p.m. on Food Network. It can also be streamed on Discovery +.

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