Love Island’s Gemma Owen calls Ekin-Su ‘calculated’: ‘You know what you’re doing’

Love Island was full of drama on Monday night as Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu clashed with fellow islanders Amber Beckford and Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma.

Ekin-Su and Amber have been particularly distant from each other lately, with the two girls sharing frosty looks with each other a few times – something eagle-eyed viewers have already spotted.

And during Monday’s episode, Ekin-Su confronted Amber about the obvious breakup.

While chatting with Jay Younger, who Ekin-Su is now in a relationship with, the Scotsman told him: “I won’t lie, I feel a little friction between you and Amber, I can just feel it.”

After her conversation with Jay, Ekin-Su walked over to Amber and said, “I was sitting there and he [Jay] was like, I think Amber and Paige don’t like you.”

Love Island was full of drama on Monday night as Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu clashed with Gemma Owen

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Amber then responded by asking if the Turkish actress was “playing a bit of a game.”

She said: “I feel like upstairs you’ve been really genuine and we’ve seen a vulnerable side in you but I’ll add, over the last couple of days I’ve been thinking, play t kinda at a game?”

Obviously unhappy with Amber’s comments, Ekin-Su replied, “What’s your problem with me? Everything you say makes no sense.”

To which Amber replied, “You play a bit of a game, you enjoy the drama.”

Ekin-Su looked in tears during the exchange with Gemma and Amber
Ekin-Su looked in tears during the exchange with Gemma and Amber

Ekin-Su then asked if Amber was playing the game, instead.

During the disagreement, Gemma jumped to Amber’s defense accusing Ekin-Su of being “calculated”.

Gemma said: “It’s unfair to completely blame Amber because I think some of the other girls saw a little difference as well.”

Clearly unhappy with Gemma’s comments, Ekin-Su said, “Why didn’t you talk then?”, to which Gemma replied, “We’re talking now.”

The argument then escalates when Gemma said: “Sometimes we see a genuine side [of Ekin-Su] and sometimes a side that we think is debatable.”

Ekin-Su confronts Amber, asking her what she
Ekin-Su confronted Amber, asking what his “problem” was with her

Gemma continued, “I think you’re calculated and you know what you’re doing.”

Ekin-Su looked stunned, saying, “All I did was be nice to everyone here. I’m really, really upset about everything right now.”

Her voice cracked and she sounded close to tears saying, “I just don’t understand why you’re all just…” as she trailed off.

Amber could be seen rolling her eyes, which Ekin-Su dismissed, saying, “Don’t roll your eyes, seriously, what’s the matter?”

The next day in the locker room, Amber and Ekin-Su had a one-on-one, with Ekin-Su apologizing for making a comment about Amber’s relationship with Dami, and the girls left happier. purged the air.

Ekin-Su’s partner Jay also chatted with the boys about the situation, complaining that it’s “more drama than I’ve ever had in my fucking life.”

Jacques then told him, “If you don’t want drama, you picked the wrong girl to pair up with,” to which Jay admitted, “I know, mate.”

Love Island continues every night at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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