Love Island USA fans go wild at the end of the cliffhanger

Aimee, Florita and Olivia on Love Island USA. Photo credit: CBS

Love Island USA asked fans to vote for their favorite couples on Wednesday night and most people expected to see the results on Thursday.

When Arielle Vandenberg showed up, the couples were shocked as neither of them knew the vote was taking place.

Arielle shocked the whole world when she informed them that four people would eventually return home at the end of the night.

Then Love Island USA caused a fan riot on social media when the show ended on a cliffhanger. No one will know who is coming home until Friday night’s episode.

Ronnie appeared happy and healthy in a series of recent photos posted by his fiancée, Saffire Matos.

Ronnie appeared happy and healthy in a series of recent photos posted by his fiancee, Saffire Matos.⁠
The reality TV star walked away from the Jersey Shore set in May this year.
“After speaking to the MTV crew, we mutually agreed that I will step away from the show while I seek medical treatment for mental health issues that I have ignored for too long,” the actor wrote. from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in a statement on her Instagram Story.
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Love Island USA Fan Vote

Fans voted for their favorite couples on Wednesday night.

The couple with the fewest votes were expected to leave the island. This is not what happened.

The fan vote didn’t send anyone home. He was only protecting three couples from elimination.

These three couples then had to reunite and vote for another couple to stay on the island, sparing a fourth.

This left three couples left. These were divided into men and women. The protected women then had to choose which man they would save while the protected men would choose a woman to save.

The people ready to leave Love Island USA were Jeremy, Javonny, Wes, Aimee, Florita and Olivia.

Josh then stood up and started his talk about why they kept what they did, and then the show ended with a cliffhanger.

The fans were not happy.

Twitter Love Island
Photo credit: @ gissellemaris / Twitter

Love Island USA fans voice their displeasure online

As the episode was cut short, a fan vote was added to the Love Island USA app, asking how angry the fans were.

Within minutes, there were almost 10,000 votes and 91% of people responded with three angry faces, the angrier they could be in the votes.

Love Island USA vote
Photo credit: Love Island app

It didn’t stop there, as there are now over 16,000 votes at the time of publication, and he’s still 90 percent mega-angry.

People on Twitter were even angrier.

Twitter Love Island
Photo credit: @ sriiii48 / Twitter

@ rileym1031 responded with a frustrated meme when they “heard” tomorrow night “while @BecauseMade said” Not a fucking cliffhanger. All I know is Aimee and Javonny better stay. That’s it.”

Love Island Twitter responses
Photo credit: @ rileym1031 / Twitter and @ BecauseMade / Twitter

Fans will have to wait one more night to see who makes it home this week on Love Island USA, and then it will be at Casa Amor on Sunday, where everything ends up being tossed in a blender.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at 9 / 8c on CBS.