‘Loki’ star reveals Season 2 goal after shocking cliffhanger


Loki is the best MCU TV show yet, easily surpassing WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It’s not just because Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As fun as the story of the redemption of a different God of Mischief variant is, it’s even more exciting to experience the multiverse. That’s what Loki unleashed. The show’s finale unleashed the sacred timeline after revealing who the show’s real villain was. The final Loki the episode also contains an excellent cliffhanger that sets in Loki for an epic season 2. And it just so happens that Hiddleston just said what to expect from the upcoming second season. Notice, some spoilers follow below.

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Loki cliffhanger revisited

Loki Season 1 told a great story, and Marvel could always have ended there. The TV show is just a cog in the bigger MCU machine. Loki features a new variation of Loki, the Rules of the Multiverse, and introduces Kang (Jonathan Majors). It should be more than enough. But it’s great news that Loki will have a season 2. That’s a detail Marvel confirmed at the end of the finale, right after that surprising cliffhanger.

The cliffhanger certainly intrigued us. Loki ends up at a different TVA, and no one there now knows that Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) killed The One Who Remains. Loki Director Kate Herron addressed Loki’s return to TVA, explaining why he ended up in a very different place than expected:

So the way I see it in my head is that VAT exists outside of space and time, but the reality and everything that we have understood has completely changed in the last few minutes. With the multiverse branching off, how do we know that VAT still exists that way? We don’t know, and I guess that’s a big question that will be answered as the series goes on. But in my head the intention is for Sylvie to think she is sending him back to VAT, but because of the way the weather and the branches cross by the window, Loki was unfortunately sent off somewhere very different. So the reality has changed just by the nature of what He Who Remains said, and the idea is that he’s in this alternative VAT now.

What will Loki do in season 2?

Hiddleston knows better than to reveal Loki Season 2 spoilers. The actor has kept the television show’s existence a secret for many years. But he gave fans some details on next season. This is what he said Online (Going through The Direct) about season 2:

I do not think so [Loki] will stop looking [for Sylvie] now. He feels it was something he did, a mistake he made, and he invests himself in fixing it.

It may not seem like much, and the explanation matches what we saw in the finale. Sylvie’s betrayal left him devastated, but Loki recovered to continue the fight against Kang. He realized how dangerous the ugly Kang variants are and that the TVA needs to do something about it.

Hiddleston’s brief remarks on Season 2 are important nonetheless. The actor tells us what’s going on in Loki’s head right now. He may be in pain, but he’s also trying to ‘make things right’. If it wasn’t clear from the first Loki season, it’s amazing character development there. Loki may have died in Infinity war, but this variant grows in us as we see it change.

Having said that, we don’t know when Loki season 2 will air. But, at first glance, it has the potential to be another great multiverse story.

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