Locke & Key Season 2 video features fake trailer for the Splattering

“Locke & Key” returns for its second season on October 22.


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Locke and key fans were rewarded with a long-awaited Season 2 trailer, which hits Netflix on October 22. We haven’t heard much about the next 10 episodes of this series, so fans are eager to hear more. And just a warning, there are MAJOR spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned.

The trailer opens with what appears to be a mutant lobster brutally killing citizens of Matheson. But do not worry ! Lobster Fest will continue as planned! Fortunately, Kinsey Locke (Emilie Jones) is here to fight the Double Clawed Beast. With a giant flamethrower, she shoots the creature down. Then the words “The Splattering” flash on the screen and we realize we just watched a Scot Cavendish (rock Jones) production.

As the camera travels around the theater, we see the audience laughing and reacting to the film. Then we cut to Eden (Alley Jones) who leans over the seat to tell Gabe (Griffin Gluck), “It’s a real torture, I’m starving.” It can’t say anything good. Eden leaves the theater and goes to the snack bar. When Eden orders her food, the concession worker scares her and she leans in for a kiss. So, BAM! Eden begins to chew her lips! It gives us Megan Fox of Jennifer’s body vibrations, that’s for sure. The trailer ends with Gabe walking out of the theater and seeing the carnage as Eden sits next to the bloodied body, happily munching on popcorn.

lock and key splash

Image via Netflix

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After last season’s finale, we really think something really bad has happened to Eden. And judging by the way she just chewed half of this man’s face, how could we argue? Last season we ended up with a cliffhanger in which it looks like Eden was taken over by Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), a key hungry demon. Guess we’ll just have to wait until October 22 to see the plight of the Locke children and the whole town of Matheson. Watch the trailer below and see the carnage for yourself.

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