Live broadcast: Thursday, October 20, 2022

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Live broadcast of the Preston and Steve show

Summary of Thursday, October 20, 2022:

Entertainment Report [00:00:00] Actress Anna Farris recalls a negative experience on the set of director Ivan Reitman’s My Super Ex-Girlfriends, saying he slapped her ass and pointing out how inappropriate and humiliating the situation was. Matthew Perry opens up about surviving a coma from drug addiction. He says he will talk more about it in his new book coming out soon. Is Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing recipe from Nora Ephron’s book Heartburn? Jared Leto launches a range of neutral products for hair, skin and body. Ke Huy Quan talks in an interview about his reunion with Harrison Ford after 38 years. Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid, but still likes to be called Cookie Monster. Jonah Hill will play legendary golfer John Daly.

stream of consciousness [00:37:54] The gang speaks of different streams of consciousness. Casey explains how he thinks his stream of consciousness is who he prays for. A new study suggests that Neanderthals lived in small communities and predicts that women moved to live with their partner’s family. Rambo-mania in Hope, BC celebrated 40e anniversary of First Blood the first Rambo Movie. The Hope Visitor Center receives approximately 15,000 inquiries a year about all things First Blood. Different events at Rambo-mania included Rambo Karaoke and Rambo Paintball. A Colombian professional soccer player flashed his opponent to defend a free kick. As the striker lined up to take a free-kick, the man was captured pulling down his shorts to show off his Johnson. It must have worked because the kicker missed the free kick attempt. Jeffrey Dahmer’s costume listings have been removed. This is against their policies. This comes after the release of the Monster show with Evan Peters.

weird files [01:19:12 (continues in Part Two)] A twelve-year-old girl was hospitalized over the weekend after being struck by lightning, her father resuscitating her after three attempts. She said she can’t wait to tell her friends about it when she returns to school. A Lancaster County man has been charged with indecent exposure. According to police, the man removed several bags of ice from the bagged ice freezer and jumped inside, completely undressed, causing numerous bags of ice to be knocked out. A woman is facing multiple assault and battery charges for allegedly unleashing a swarm of bees on a group of sheriff’s deputies, some of whom are allergic to bee stings, as they tried to serve a eviction notice, authorities said. A New York man set fire to a Bangladeshi restaurant after missing his order.

Ari Shaffir joins the studio (in part two) [00:15:25] Ari talks about his October sober adventures, including how he does a lot of push-ups but hates being sober. Ari participates alongside various comedians such as Bert Kreisher and Joe Rogan. Ari mentions that once you’ve made a career out of acting, it’s different from being an actor to avoid working. Ari talks about traveling through Vietnam and almost got jerked off in the back of a bus. Discussions about disconnecting from social media and the outside world are taking place. He talks about adventures in the Amazon where a man says “Do you want the cure for Covid?” and although hesitant, Ari drank a rancid drink and did not get Covid. Preston gives Ari one of his Preston pickles and recounts how he once pooped his pants after drinking pickle juice.

John Brazier joins the studio (in part two) [01:02:41] Every time he steps into the studio, the Phillies win. Talks about a potential World Series run. Nick recounts how he went to the game last weekend and mentioned the pre-game events including a Ferris wheel, tailgate, band, bungee jumping and celebrity guests. Brazier mentions how fans have been looking forward to really exploding for a while, and this playoff has given fans something to be excited about. The Eagles release a Christmas album showcasing the talents of Eagles players such as Jordan Davis, Jason Kelce, Jordan Malaita and Lane Johnson. Casey plays a clip of Santa Clause is Coming to Town, taken from the album.

Weird Files (in Part 2) [01:42:08] A dozen coffins in Italy have been left hanging in the air after a building collapsed. This is the second cemetery collapse this year, as in January this year another cemetery suffered a similar accident, which resulted in the destruction of around 300 graves. A 38-year-old man has been charged after stabbing his brother with a sword in the chest. Court documents said the argument was about “the oven being turned off while Winn was trying to cook a pizza.” After three space missions, Oleg Artemyev got into trouble on Earth after hitting his colleague. He was sober and immediately called for help.

Hollywood Trash & Music News (in Part 2) [02:04:12] New Movie Amsterdam was the bomb of the year because it was very expensive and sold no tickets. Carrie Underwood has said she loses respect for anyone who can’t sing like they do on their albums. Momager Kris Jenner needs to save her bones and make jewelry, Khloe wants her hips turned into a parking lot. Slash says Guns N’ Roses has some epic songs coming out soon. They said they still have a tour until they get back together and create a new album. They also have more songs they created during Covid. More musical discussions on Guns N’ Roses songs. The gang sings Can’t We Try by Dan Hill & Vonda Shepard. Motley Crue makes an announcement today, fans believe it could be a potential tour.

Conclusion (in the second part) [02:26:03] Recapping their song escapes. Preston thanks guests Ari Shaffir and John Brazier. Pierre joins the show. Preston thanks our sponsors. Sneak peek of tomorrow’s show! Rage!