LinkedIn rolls out clickable links, templates and carousels

LinkedIn launched new features for content creators on the platform, making it easier to share visual content. These new features include clickable links, easy-to-use templates for posters and other content, and the ability to share drag-and-drop content with carousels.

The start of these new features comes as the platform tries to make itself more appealing to content creators who typically flock to other platforms with more freedom to create posts. LinkedIn has been constantly adding features to make the platform more accessible to professional content creators while maintaining its uniqueness.

You can now add clickable links to your LinkedIn posts. | Source: LinkedIn

Users will now be able to add clickable links to their posts with custom link text to redirect their audience to any web resource. An “Add link” icon at the top right of the post-creation screen will enable the feature. There’s no word yet on a release date, but LinkedIn says the feature will be rolling out “in the coming weeks.”

As for text posts, the company is launching a template feature that will allow users to quickly create eye-catching text posts without spending hours on a graphic design program. The templates are designed to make the text pop and feature multiple customizable backgrounds and fonts. These templates can also include clickable links. Again, LinkedIn says the feature will roll out in a few weeks.

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The new models make text messages more interesting. | Source: Linkedin

Finally, the update is completed with the “Carousels” feature – a new content format for the platform allowing users to mix images and videos in a swipeable format. While the company says you should start seeing carousels in your feed from August 12, it will be experimenting with the feature over the next few months to see what works best with a full release slated for this fall.

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