Launch of new personalized liveries for the Citroën Ami quadricycle


Citroën has expanded the number of customization options open to buyers of the new Ami in Europe, revealing several humorous liveries that can be applied to the small electric quadricycle.

Citroën says these new customization options preview some of the extras that will be available to buyers when the Ami arrives in the UK in spring 2022. However, we’ll have to wait a bit longer before full UK specs are finalized.

Citroën had received more than 12,000 expressions of interest from British buyers before confirming that the Friend would go on sale in the United Kingdom. In the fifteen days following the opening of reservations, over 1,000 deposits of £ 250 were made and 14,000 expressions of interest were registered.

European buyers have a choice of six standard liveries, all of which add unique decals to the doors and bumpers of the Ami. Click on our gallery to see the full range of models.

The most notable liveries include the Jungle theme, which adds a tiger print motif on the doors and a yellow race number on the front bumper. There is also a British GlobeTrotter theme, which features tweed and Union Flag stickers on the doors and a GB print on the front.

French Ami buyers can even design their own liveries to stick to the sides of their cars, uploading their own photos to an online portal. The personalized design comes in a DIY pack, with instructions showing how to apply the decals to the car at home.

The Ami has a 5.5 kWh battery and a small 8 hp electric motor, which offers a maximum range of 46 miles and a top speed of 28 mph. A full charge from a three-prong outlet takes three hours.

UK prices for the Citroën Ami should also mirror those in Europe, starting at around £ 6,000. This means that the quadricycle will be one of the cheapest ways to acquire an electric vehicle, although it is only offered in left-hand drive in the UK.

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