Late Air Passenger Arrested After “Attempting to Board a Baggage Carousel”

A late air passenger was arrested after “attempting to board a baggage carousel” Credit: Pixabay

A late air passenger has been arrested after “attempting to board a baggage carousel” at East Midlands Airport in Derby.

The passenger was quickly arrested after attempting to “board a plane via the baggage carousel”. The man was late for his flight on Saturday August 7 at East Midlands Airport in Castle Donington when he found a new way to try and still make his flight. He attempted to get on the plane by jumping on the baggage conveyor, but was quickly pulled over by East Midlands Airport Police.

This is possibly one of the weirdest events airport police have seen and they took to Twitter for comment. “Man arrested today @EMA_Airport having first missed his flight and then decided to make his way through the baggage conveyor!” East Midlands Airport police said.

The post received many humorous responses, with UK Transport Police in Nottinghamshire joining in and adding a giveaway that showed The Stig from Top Gear. The Stig was also seen in a rather unusual position, lying on a treadmill.

East Midlands Airport the police continued the joke and added a gif of Bruce Willis from Die Hard.

Airport fans on Twitter also joined in and one said: “Looks like he has an emotional baggage. Hope he hasn’t had too much trouble. and that you have abandoned the case.

In other airport news, Ryanair will stop flying from an airport in London, Essex. Ryanair has confirmed that it will close one of its business bases at an airport in Essex later this year.

Ryanair has announced that London Southend Airport will no longer host one of its bases from November 1 of this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to InYourArea. Ryanair is based at the airport in Essex after signing a five-year agreement and has been there since 2018.

The global travel industry has been hit by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but tourism is making a comeback. Ryanair is not the only travel operator to have been affected by the pandemic which has cut off non-essential air travel to the UK for months.

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