King’s School Discovery celebrates the magic of reading

Reading is that life-transforming flame that, once ignited, can never be extinguished.

In a late celebration of International Literacy Day, The King’s School Discovery offered its learners a day of theatrical delights. A performance by the animated comedians of Hooked On Books as well as a book sale and donation from Exclusive Books Clearwater poured out the creative juices and, hopefully, sparked an insatiable thirst for the written word.

The Hooked On Books team makes children smile. Photo: Jarryd Westerdale.

The day was organized by Mariette Coetzer, one of the school educators and champion of the school library project. “Organizing the day was easy, but getting them to like books is the hard part. It is important to make children understand that they do not need electricity or an appliance for entertainment, they can understand everything in books, ”said Mariette.

Hooked On Books is a captivating theater-style production where the actors pull a scene from a book to give kids a sample of the story, ending on a cliffhanger to keep the imagination running wild. The longtime nonprofit has entertained school children for decades, giving them that subconscious push to the brink of boredom into a must-see world of mind-altering fun.

The Hooked On Books team makes children smile. Photo: Jarryd Westerdale.

“Everything revolves around books, not television! Shout the three artists in unison. “With television and the internet you are subject to someone else’s imagination, but with reading you can use your own imagination to transform the story,” said educational actor Gareth Meijsen. “We love being able to bring books to life and see children’s eyes light up,” said director and actress Dineo Komane.

Exclusive Books has partnered with Hooked On Books, helping to promote reading among young people. Chris de Kock, Store Manager at Exclusive Books Clearwater, who helped The King’s School Discovery build their library, brought in a few more boxes to add to the collection. “Literacy is paramount, and keeping reading alive among young people helps keep the bookstore alive,” Chris said.

Those who have already discovered the magic of reading will attest to its benefits and, like any good habit, the earlier it develops, the better. “The live revolves around reading. Every simple task you do requires literacy, ”said Mariette, while revealing the secret to unlocking the door:“ If you don’t like reading, you just haven’t found the right book yet ”.