Jay Hernandez optimistic about renewal

Although there have already been a number of renewed shows on CBS, Magnum IP unfortunately not one of them.

So what’s up with that? Will there be any news on this soon? We tend to hope so, mainly because there seems to be so much optimism behind the scenes about it. Now hear what star (and director of tonight’s episode) Jay Hernandez had to say in a new interview with TVLine:

…The numbers are big, he travels well internationally…. So yeah, I think we’re in good shape. And you know what, they’re happy with the show. They loved this season, a lot of stories they were really digging. And the episode that I directed, they loved it so much that I’ve already been asked to direct another one next season.

For those wondering, Jay also noted in the post that something will happen regarding Magnum and Higgins in the finale. It’s not necessarily the two that come together and go off into the sunset, but there should be some sort of development there. Could this be a solid way to set up Season 5? We tend to think so, especially since a show like this almost often benefits from some sort of fantasy cliffhanger.

What matters most to us right now is having news before the final in early May. After all, one of the last things we want to do is have to go into this episode not knowing for sure if there are more to come! A little stability goes a long way with a show like this.

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Do you think we’ll get a Magnum IP season 5 renewal sooner rather than later?

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