It was obvious Catherine would fall in love with Peter, but what’s next for The Great?

There were so many signs that Catherine and Peter would fall in love in the second season of Great.

The most obvious was that Catherine (Elle fanning) leave Peter (Nicolas hoult) live in the palace under guard rather than execution or imprisonment. But we’re dropping that one because he’s a major character and killing him would seem rather insane in light of the humor and drama he brings to the show. Take into account the idea that Catherine is a pacifist, and it’s easy to dismiss the idea that they are falling in love.

No, the real sign that Catherine was succumbing to Peter’s charms was in episode four, “The Devil’s Lunch”, when the Empress asks her to “do the thing with the tongue”.

For most of the first season and the start of the second, Catherine is put off by the rabid sexual desires of the court, and yet she comes to Peter (no pun intended) in times of need despite the fact that they are at variance.

And the second Peter slipped under her skirts she was screwed – hence the reason she avoided him in the first place!

Great: First photos of season 2

As a result, she begins to rely on the former emperor for sexual satisfaction, a slippery slope that concerns both Marial (Phoebe Renard) and Grigor (Gwilym lee). After all, these two leaders supposedly hated each other. And all the romantic comedies of the late 90s (10 things I hate about you, Distraught and You’ve got mail) has taught us that there is a thin line between love and hate.

It certainly doesn’t help that Aunt Elizabeth (Belinda Bromilow) advises Peter to lean on his intellectual side, which only serves to charm Catherine more. The Empress loses her knees when she sees Peter reading and drawing a diagram of the solar system.


When his mother, Princess Johanna, embodied by the inimitable Gillian anderson, arrives at the palace, things start to go south.

While Catherine seriously tries to please her traditional and seemingly modest mother, Peter actively resists advances from Johanna, who has no qualms about abusing her daughter’s husband.

As Catherine is unaware of this situation, she continues to seek solace from Peter, another sign that she is becoming increasingly attached to the man. And although Peter knows that Johanna is a great source of stress for Catherine, he gives in to her desire and sleeps with her, a love session that ends with Johanna’s disappearance (she falls at least three floors).

The Great, Gillian Anderson, Elle Fanning

Gareth Gatrell / Hulu

Obviously, Peter’s aunt and others are trying to hide death from Catherine, knowing that it will inspire great grief and potential execution. And they briefly succeed, with Catherine and Peter bonding over their common disgust for their parents, as well as Paul’s birth.

But the truth has to come out and as such season two ends with a major cliffhanger, leaving us all wondering: how are Catherine and Paul recovering from this? Is it possible to overcome an infidelity scandal involving your own mother falling out of a window in the middle of a penetration?

There is also the slightly important issue of Catherine killing one of Russia’s greatest enemies, an issue that needs to be dealt with delicately and urgently.

And who can forget Paul ?! A baby cannot be deprived of its father, even if that father is not the smartest.

E! News previously asked Elle and Nicholas how they thought the situation would go, and although they were not aware of Tony mcnamara‘Elle said, “It will probably take her a while, but she will be happy.”

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