Is She-Hulk’s Evil Hulk Tease Just Another Marvel Troll?

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 8.The penultimate episode of She-Hulk Season 1 teased the appearance of an evil new Hulk character, while leaving open the possibility that the whole setup was just a cunning troll orchestrated by the show’s writers. The episode “Ribbit and Rip It” ended on a thrilling cliffhanger, which left multiple possibilities open for the series finale. It also established a plot point that could lead to Captain America: New World Order and the reintroduction of The Leader into the MCU.


The possibility of Jennifer Walters’ gamma-irradiated blood being used to create more Hulks has been a gun of Chekov since the first episode of She-Hulkwhere Bruce Banner emphasized how important it was that he destroy his cousin’s blood samples, “even if there’s only a one-millionth percent chance it makes us anotherThis led to many theories predicting that Red Hulk or another Evil Hulk would be created as a result of the theft of She-Hulk’s blood. The story seemed to go in this direction after She-Hulk: Lawyer episode 7, “Just Jen”, which revealed that Jennifer’s last love, Josh, worked with the sinister Intelligencia group and stole a sample of her blood while she slept.

Related: She-Hulk Episode 8 Ending Fully ExplainedThis set the stage for Intelligencia’s attack in the final moments of She-Hulk: Lawyer episode 8, when they ambushed She-Hulk at a gala where she was nominated for Lawyer of the Year. Their attack was not physical, but an act of assassination and humiliation, intended to drive She-Hulk into a rage in front of the public. This seemed like the ultimate endgame of the Intelligencia villains featured in She-Hulk, asking the question what was the point of the blood-stealing plot if not to create a new Evil Hulk. The obvious answer suggests two possibilities. Either this new villain will appear in the She-Hulk finale, or the storyline will continue elsewhere in the MCU, perhaps as a way to reintroduce The Leader, who was part of the Intelligencia group in the comics.

Will an evil Hulk still appear in the She-Hulk finale?

There’s still a chance a new Evil Hulk villain will be introduced as part of Intelligencia’s plans in the She-Hulk season 1 finale. The show dropped too many clues that Jennifer Walters’ blood was important for this subplot to end in such a disappointing way. With the series having so far allowed the blood of the Hulk to create more Hulks, such an important plot device, it would be almost ridiculous if the series didn’t reveal a new Evil Hulk after so much buildup.

Conversely, given the tone of the series as a whole, it seems far more fitting that Intelligencia has no greater purpose than trying to embarrass Jennifer Walters and make others hate She-Hulk. . While the series finale might bring in a new Evil Hulk character or even the Red Hulk specifically (as Jennifer herself suggested when speaking to the audience), it would be much more fitting for Jennifer Walters’ final battle in She-Hulk: Lawyer Season 1 will be a fight for his life in the court of public opinion rather than a super-powered slugfest. It seems clear that something is going to happen with She-Hulk’s blood, but it remains to be seen if that will be expanded upon in the finale or in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

Theory: She-Hulk’s Stolen Blood Sets Up The Leader’s Return

Either way, it looks like She-Hulk’s blood will be tied to the plans of the Chief, the main villain of Captain America: 4. While the story details for the Captain America: New World Order are still firmly under wraps, it has been confirmed that Tim Blake Nelson will reprise his role as Samuel Sterns from 2008 The Incredible Hulk. Sterns’ final scene in this film suggested he was undergoing some sort of metamorphosis after some of Bruce Banner’s blood was injected into his head wound. Although the film didn’t confirm that Sterns became the gamma genius he became in the comics, his eventual fate was teased by a avengers prequel comic to the film in which Black Widow subdued Sterns after escaping from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. The comic concluded with Sterns being held in a tank, where his skin had turned green and his head had grown even bigger.

Related: She-Hulk Villain Reveal Could Repeat The MCU’s Illuminati TrollAlthough it is still unclear what happened to the chief after The Incredible Hulk, many of his schemes in the comics centered around his efforts to create gamma-powered armies of people under his complete control. It’s possible that his own gamma-irradiated blood was no longer viable to carry out his plans after a decade of continuous mutation and needed a blood sample from a more stable test subject. This might prompt him to steal the blood of She-Hulkusing the activities of the MCU’s Intelligencia as a smokescreen for its own schemes, just as the show’s writers obscured their own intentions by trolling audiences with a tease about a non-existent Evil Hulk.

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