Instagram carousels should be at the center of your 2022 social media strategy

Brands invest a lot of time and money in promoting them online, and with so many resources you need to make sure the results pay off.

Now, out of all the social platforms, there is one that rules them all when it comes to engagement, and that is the almighty Instagram.

And due to such interest, the team of Socialinsider, together with Social network, conducted a Instagram engagement study, by analyzing 102 million posts, where they compared Instagram’s engagement in 2021 and its values ​​in 2022.

By examining the 2021 trends for Instagram marketing, social media managers can predict what type of content will perform best in 2022, and adjust their strategies accordingly. We must remember that data never lies and it is the most important ally of any digital marketer.

Apparently, these days Instagram’s engagement trend is on the decline, so far averaging 2.02%, returning to its 2019 values.

There have been a lot of changes along the way, but with all these ups and downs, you need to make sure that your social media strategy is aligned with the trends to generate the effects you want.

So here are five reasons to use carousels (and how) to maximize your social media efforts on Instagram, according to the study results.

1. Carousels lead to a higher average engagement rate

When it comes to the top performing posts on Instagram, things aren’t as straightforward as they seem, as in fact best practices will be considered depending on the size of the account.

To all Instagram marketers, here’s something you need to know:

  • Profiles under 5K have the potential to achieve an average engagement rate of 4.90% when they choose to post more carousels
  • For medium-sized accounts (between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers), the best option for higher engagement rates is video, with values ​​up to 2.90%.
  • Large accounts (with more than 100,000 subscribers) will benefit more from the use of carousels

2. Using more carousels can help you increase your engagement rate per impression and earn you more likes.

The carousel post wins in terms of engagement per impression across all profile sizes. It may actually reveal one of Instagram’s strategies to push this type of content more into user feeds.

With this in mind, consider prioritizing this type of content when choosing what to boost on Instagram.

Among the many advantages of choosing to place your bet on carousels is that this type of post is the one that increases the median number of likes on Instagram.

3. Carousels lead to more comments on Instagram

Having an audience that is interested in your topics, that is open to communication and shows commitment is the dream of any brand and the goal of any social media manager.

But it’s not an easy task, so just in case you need a little help, check out this information meant to help you improve your strategy:

  • For an account with less than 10,000 subscribers, choose to publish a carousel
  • In the case of medium sized accounts (10K-50K), a mix between carousels and videos is the magic combo
  • As for accounts between 50K-100K, it would be better to start pushing more videos
  • For large accounts (up to 50,000 subscribers) an approach of relying more on videos is what you should consider

4. Carousels are more likely to be saved by Instagram users

Depending on your business goals, it may be best to choose a type of post format to get your followers to do what you want.

Let’s talk about generating more backups, for example. To get as close to this goal as possible, when creating your social media strategy, you should consider using more carousels, as this is what makes people press that d button most of the time. ‘registration.

But of course there are a few exceptions, the big profiles (those with over 100,000 subscribers) being the ones here. In this case, relying more on the images would be a smarter choice.

5. Carousels increase the chances of a higher reach rate

Each type of position has its advantages and possible gains for your business, so all you have to do is set your goals and start working towards them, with the right tactics and actions.

Among the multiple benefits of integrating carousels more into your content calendar is that they also generate reach rates that are twice as high as videos, at least in the case of small profiles (less than 5K).

The highest reach rates for carousels are 1.27% for small accounts, but also for medium-sized accounts (1.20%), those between 50K-100K followers.

POINT: Adopt captions up to ten words long for amplified results

When it comes to the optimal length of a message’s subtitles, there is a lot of good debate. But let’s not forget that numbers are strength, so data is the most reliable source.

What the analysis of 102 million posts showed is that captions of up to 10 words, combined with carousels, are the preferred type of content users have to interact with. And moving away from that formula was found to result in a decrease in engagement of around 0.70%.

However, for those cases where you feel that a longer copy is needed, in order to properly convey your message to your audience, you should consider this formula: pair captions longer than 30 words with videos.


Now, with Instagram being the platform that has captured people’s hearts, further analysis of what works and what doesn’t is a gold mine.

Instagram’s engagement can take mysterious paths, but the good thing is that data helps you prepare for and adapt to whatever may happen.

Seeing how Instagram carousels are becoming more and more important in Instagram marketing and the many benefits they can bring to a brand’s social media presence, it becomes undeniable that by 2022 every business that hopes to succeed on Instagram is sure to become a heavy user of Instagram carousels.