In Tesla vs Apple iPhone 13 brutally hit 113 km / h, cracked screen and bumper

In a strange and unintentional incident, a Twitter user recently posted a series of images showing what happens when an iPhone 13 collides with the power of a Tesla vehicle in a remarkably bizarre crash. Apple’s latest iPhone makes plenty of bold claims about its Ceramic Shield display and stainless steel body, but a hit against a 113 km / h Tesla? Surely it isn’t even a David vs. Goliath contest? But the result of the impact can leave you rather surprised.

Photos posted on the microblogging platform by @marvelwonderkat show an iPhone 13 Pro Max lodged against the front bumper of a Tesla electric vehicle (EV). “Has anyone else ever had an iPhone 13 Pro Max impale their Tesla while driving 70 mph on a highway?” wrote the user in the caption. “He bounced once on the sidewalk in front of me, and that’s what happened.”

It is clear from the photos that the bottom screen of the phone is broken. “I thought it was a metal part of a car bouncing off the highway. I also thought the loud noise I was hearing had just hit my landing gear. I stopped on Supercharge and that’s what I found, “the same user replied in one of his responses to the post.

While it’s more than likely that this particular iPhone 13 is beyond repair, the fact that the entire display was not shattered is considered by Apple fans to be a testament to the ceramic display. much vaunted. But what can also be an example of durability is that the Tesla’s front bumper has suffered some damage and has a gaping hole to show its problems.

But does that necessarily mean that the quality of Tesla models is far from ideal? Not exactly.

It is not clear how the incident happened in real time and factors such as the angle of impact are not known either. It is true that Tesla has come under criticism of late for accusations that the quality of materials on and inside its electric vehicles is not exactly top notch, but a road “crash”. abnormal may not be the correct test.

At high speeds, materials like stones – or a cell phone in this case – can cause serious damage to cars. In this particular case, the driver is lucky that the phone crashed into the front bumper and didn’t crash into the windshield as it could have resulted in something more serious.