How many dogs and cats can you legally own in New Jersey?

You may have heard of the saying “A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a cat is a woman’s best friend”.

But how many of these “best friends” are you allowed to have in New Jersey?

At the state level, New Jersey has no laws limiting the number of dogs and cats a household can own, says Mike Cerra, executive director of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities.

Each municipality in New Jersey, however, can implement their own restrictions, if they wish.

Some have no limits and others have them based on specific circumstances where there may be no more than three, five or seven animals, Cerra said. But he said there was no central registry available.

In The Brick, for example, a local ordinance cites that it would be deemed illegal and a public nuisance to keep or care for five or more dogs or cats or a combination of five or more dogs and cats on any property zoned residential.

In Hawthorne, no more than a total of four dogs of license age may be owned, kept, housed or maintained in a single household. Additionally, no more than a total of five cats over the age of 6 months should be owned by a person residing in the same household.

No more than five dogs or cats, or a combination of each, must be owned by one person, except in a kennel or pet store.

At Rahway, no owner may keep or care for more than five dogs or cats or a combination of the two on their property.

It is considered illegal and a public nuisance for any person to keep or maintain more than four dogs or cats or a combination of both on any property in the Borough of Point Pleasant.

Tizian, a Persian cat

Tizian, a Persian cat (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Bridgewater residents are not permitted to own more than four dogs over 6 months old which are kept for breeding purposes. It doesn’t say what their chat policy is.

At Ewing, no more than six dogs or six cats are allowed in a residence. A household may only contain a total of six dogs or cats, except that a litter or part thereof may be kept for a period of five months.

No person shall keep or house more than four dogs and cats in a private home in Stratford in Camden County.

If you are a resident of Matawan, no more than six cats and/or dogs of licensing age may be kept at any one time for any length of time in a residential housing unit.

A local ordinance in Brielle states that the maximum number of dogs and/or cats must be set at a combination of three dogs and/or cats.

Pet owners in Lacey cannot have more than six dogs or cats and all dogs must have a valid Lacey Township license, which must be attached to the dog’s collar.

Photo by Anders Ipsen on Unsplash

Photo by Anders Ipsen on Unsplash

If someone wanted to complain that they thought their neighbor had too many animals, they should check with the local ordinance first, Cerra said.

“If the city has a limit of three or five, and the person has 10, then there would be something to report. If it is not in violation of the ordinance, then the neighbour, if they think it is a nuisance, would still have the option of reporting it to the municipality for policy review, or if c is in violation of another health code,” Cerra said.

All dogs must be licensed in New Jersey. It is a state requirement. For cats, there is no state license requirement, but each municipality can decide whether or not to allow cats.

There have been laws in recent years regarding the liability of pet owners. If a person has a dog, it is important to keep the animal on a leash when walking. If the dog has the yard run, having the yard fenced or electronically fenced is important. Use common sense if the animal is near a child. It may depend on the breed and personality of the dog.

Cat Emergency in Battersea as fewer potential owners come forward

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When it comes to cats, Cerra said there is a growing fear of the cat population exploding. So, cat owners should think about keeping them indoors to prevent them from breeding and adding to the state’s feral cat population problem.

If it’s an outdoor cat, it’s a good idea to chip it or put a collar on it so you know where it is and of course, to have it neutered and/or neutered.

Cerra said almost everyone likes dogs and cats. Keeping the peace is really about finding the right balance between your neighbors and your pets.

Jen Ursillo is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach her at [email protected]

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