How Galactus could appear in Eternals 2

With the Celestials still a problem in the MCU, Eternals 2 could see the debut of Eater of Worlds, Galactus.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Eternals, now in theaters.

EternalsScreenwriters Ryan and Kaz Firpo recently expressed their desire to see Galactus, the Eater of Worlds, appear in the sequel to their cosmic Marvel film. And while it looks like the Celestial Arishem will return as the main antagonist of the next film, there is still room for the legendary villain to make his long-awaited debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in eternal 2.

At the end of Eternals, after the heroes succeed in stopping the emergence of the Heavenly Tiamut, Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos are kidnapped by their former master, Arishem, for rebelling against him and his plans. The Eternals are then taken away by the Celestial, who intends to review their memories to determine whether humanity should be destroyed or not. Considering the amount of bloodshed by humanity over the centuries, it seems likely that Arishem will eventually try to destroy the planet, but he may not do it alone.

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Galactus’ natural role in the cosmos could come into play in eternal 2, because Arishem could send him to Earth to impose his judgment and annihilate humanity by devouring the planet. While the future of humanity appears to be determined by Arishem himself, as he examines the memories of the Eternals for this purpose, Galactus could serve as the final test for the big blue marble to face so humanity can prove that she is worthy to survive.

In the comics, Galactus plays a vital role in maintaining balance in the cosmos, making him a force of nature beyond good and evil. While it needs the energy of the planets to sustain itself, it also acts as a test for the civilizations of the universe to determine whether or not they should continue to exist.

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However, the planets Galactus decides to destroy are not chosen at random. He is known to send Heralds like the Silver Surfer in search of worlds he can consume. If Galactus were to act as a destroyer on behalf of Arishem, it would make Galactus a herald for the Celestial, presenting the villain in an interesting new way.

While this new portrayal of the Divine Eater may disappoint die-hard comic book fans, Galactus could still maintain his independence in the MCU while pursuing Arishem’s plans. He might still be searching the universe for planets capable of satisfying his hunger before Arishem affects him on Earth. Like the Eternals, Galactus might even aspire to escape his divine role as a destroyer of worlds, which might be conjured up when approached by the Celestial.

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Ultimate Galactus

However, it wouldn’t be the first time Galactus had served as someone’s herald, as Mr. Fantastic’s son Franklin Richards had made the Great Devourer his herald. Even so, the MCU still tried to present their characters differently than before, and that would ultimately help make Galactus a more sympathetic villain if he struggled to serve the Celestials and the natural order of the universe.

Overall, Galactus’ purpose in the comics and the cliffhanger ending it Eternals let audiences believe that Marvel Studios set the stage for the Great Destroyer to emerge as the antagonist of eternal 2. And since the studio has already announced a The Fantastic Four movie, audiences could see the Eternals teaming up with Marvel’s First Family to defeat Galactus. While it might not follow the same storyline as his comic book debut, it would still be an exciting and dignified introduction for the iconic villain.

To see the MCU set the stage for Galactus, Eternals is in theaters now.

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