Grey’s Anatomy midseason finale puts the life of a major character on the line for the next crossover (+ 2 more Cliffhangers)

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for the Grey’s Anatomy Fall finale of season 18 “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. Consider yourself warned.

Wow, Grey’s Anatomy really hit fans where it hurts with its winter finale, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. Besides not knowing whether Owen Hunt is dead or alive, viewers were left with two more cliffhangers regarding other surgeries the ABC drama has performed so far in Season 18. At least they gave us a clue as to how they will resolve these emergencies when Grey’s Anatomy returns in February. ABC has announced that the spring premiere will be part of the upcoming crossover event, in which firefighters from Station 19 are sent to retrieve Owen, whose vehicle slid down a huge cliff during the mid-season capsule.

As Owen, Teddy, and Hayes returned to retrieve the donor heart for Owen’s nephew, Farouk, their driver lost consciousness and overturned their vehicle on its side on top of a cliff. (Where better to have a cliffhanger?) Teddy was able to come out with the heart, and she hitchhiked back to the hospital. At the very end, Hayes escaped as well, but the change in weight caused the vehicle to slide down the cliff, leaving Owen’s fate unknown until the two shows returned. Let’s take a look at the massive storylines we can’t stop thinking about until February.

Will Owen Hunt survive?

For a good minute I thought Grey’s Anatomy had just killed Owen Hunt. But if the firefighters of Station 19 are on the case at the upcoming spring premiere, that’s a good sign – at least for now. Owen also admitted to Hayes that he had agreed to help some of his terminally ill military patients die, and asked Hayes to complete this work for him if he was unable to do so. Yeah, it will come back. But the fate of these patients is less important than that of Owen, and heaven help them Grey’s creative team if they make fans wait a full two months just to kill the longtime character on another show.

Will Teddy get back to Farouk in time?

At the end of the midseason finale, it emerged that Teddy (with the donor heart, hopefully still safe in the cooler) was able to flag down a car, presumably only to rush it back to the Gray-Sloan Memorial. , where Farouk was lying on the operating table. with surgeons ready. We’ll have to wait and see if Teddy will turn back time, as well as if the heart suffered damage in the wreckage. But what happens to Megan if something goes wrong? Teddy and Owen were unwilling to hear Hayes’ concerns about Megan’s depression, and losing her son would be catastrophic. It wouldn’t be the best time to Grey’s presenting a killer targeting hitchhikers is all I’m saying.

What will happen to Dr. Hamilton and the Parkinson’s disease trial?

As if Farouk’s surgery wasn’t a cliffhanger enough, the procedure we’ve been waiting for all season seemed in danger of not happening at all. David Hamilton tried to cover up an illness before their groundbreaking surgery, resulting at best in a delayed trial or, at worst, in the death of the man behind the entire operation. There’s no way we’ve gone this far to have the super secret Parkinson’s trial completely canceled, but what if Hamilton is no longer fit to be their patient zero? All we know for the next couple of months is Meredith slashed Hamilton’s chest at the end of the winter final in an attempt to save him.

Check out the trailer released after the episode below!

Thursday February 24 is the date set for Grey’s Anatomyit’s the big comeback. Of course, the action will begin at 8 p.m. ET with Station 19 before Grey’s picks up the slack at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. In the meantime, take a look at other Fall Finals to come and see what to expect in the New Year with our 2022 TV show. If you still have holiday shopping left, check out the best gift ideas for fans. by Grey’s Anatomy.