Google unveils new Maps advancements, shopping tools and search insights at I/O 2022

Google hosts its I/O Summit 2022 this weekwhere he shares previews of a range of upcoming features and tools, including updates to search, new Maps layout tools, improved ad formats, shopping advances, options secure payment and more.

Here’s a look at some of the key announcements for digital marketers stemming from the event.

One of the big highlights of the first day of I/O was the announcement of Google more immersive Maps featurewhich merges Street View and aerial images to create a more complete and interactive digital model of the world.

The new Maps updates will also allow users to experience what a popular neighborhood, landmark, restaurant or place looks like, through your device.

Immersive Google Search

Which sounds impressive and could become an important consideration for marketers looking to showcase their business online, with increasingly engaging Maps insights created by the Google team. The new format also includes additional information markers overlaid on the screen, which could also indicate new advertising and promotion opportunities, especially for tourism-related businesses.

According to Google:

Looking for a place for lunch? Descend to street level to explore nearby restaurants and see helpful information, such as live activity and nearby traffic. You can even look inside to quickly get a sense of the vibe of the place before you book your reservation.”

This could end up being a major feature, in various ways, while also building on the next stage of Google’s advanced AR development and integration into its search capabilities.

Google also announced the extension of eco-responsible routing for Maps to more regions, likely starting with Europe, while also launching a new “ARCore Geospatial API‘ which will allow developers to create new AR features for Maps.

On the advertising side, Google testing a new carousel ad format in search resultswhich will give buyers another way to navigate directly from the SERP.

Google carousel ads in search

As you can see, the option would bring the now-familiar carousel ad display format to search, which could help Google address the growing interest in e-commerce and expand its own ambitions to purchase.

Google is also looking to make online payments more secure with a new “virtual card” option which would allow you to pay for products online without having to enter your credit card number. It’s similar to how password generators work, creating random codes that are attached to your Google identity, along with your actual physical card details, and then hidden from vendors.

Google too expand its information on the “About This Result” website item for general web use.

Google About this result

As you can see in this example, soon when you visit a web page in the Google app, you will be able to view a new tab with additional information about the source URL, “including a brief description, what they say about themselves and what others on the web say about them”.

This might provide more context about what you see on each site and how trustworthy the page is.

Google too making it easier for users to delete search results relevant to them that contain personal information.

Removals from Google search

As shown here, Google is rolling out a new streamlined application flow that will allow you to request the removal of identify features in search.

When you search Google and find results about you that contain your phone number, home address, or email address, you can quickly request their removal from Google Search, as soon as you find them. With this new tool, you can request removal of your contact details from search with just a few clicks, and you will also be able to easily track the status of these removal requests.

Google also recently expanded its appeals process for removal of search listings containing personal information.

On another front, Google is also opening a second physical store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Google opened its first retail store in New York last year.

On Google Translate, meanwhile, Google added 24 new languageswith the tool now able to provide translations of 133 languages ​​and regional variations.

There have also been a series of updates to Google’s hardware devices, including its Pixel phones. You can follow all of Google’s I/O announcements as they come in here.

from google I/O Conference There will be a second day tomorrow, where sessions will shift from product announcements to development items.