Google clarifies course structured data requirements

Google has updated the course’s structured data requirements to appear in the course’s rich results. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in non-qualification for the rich outcome.

Although the added requirement is not new, it was previously missing on the course’s structured data requirements page.

Course Structured Data

Schema structured data for courses is what schools use to appear in related rich results, which can appear in a carousel format.

The official website of defines the structured data of the course such as:

“A description of an educational course that may be offered as distinct instances that take place at different times or take place in different locations, or be offered through different media or modes of study.

An educational course is a sequence of one or more educational events and/or creative works that aims to develop learners’ knowledge, skills or abilities.

As long as schools follow Google Search Central’s structured data guidelines and requirements for course structured data, students can find the courses they’re looking for in the rich results triggered by educational course search queries, and everyone wins.

Unfortunately, the course’s structured data guidelines were incomplete because they lacked an essential requirement.

Google clarifies how to be eligible for rich results

The change to the course structured data was to add a requirement that was missing from the guidelines.

The change is described in a Google change log:

“Clarified that you must add three courses to be eligible for the course rich result. This is not a new requirement; it was previously only documented in the carousel documentation.

Google has added additional sentences to the Structured Data Guidelines section of the course titled Technical guidelines.

The new wording that has been added is as follows:

“You have to score at least three courses. Courses can be on separate detail pages or on an all-in-one page.

You must add Carousel markup to a summary page or an all-in-one page. »

Prior to this clarification, developers and SEOs following the course guidelines would not have known of this requirement unless they reviewed the carousel structured data requirements.

Any schools that have not marked three courses and added Carousel markup will not be eligible for the course’s enriched results.

Additional Changes to Structured Data Guidelines

Before Google clarified the course’s structured data requirements, the word “carousel” only appeared twice.

After the change, the word “carousel” appears six times in the new documentation.

The carousel’s structured data requirements were important from the start, but previous documentation did not communicate this importance to the search community.

Check your structured data

If the course’s structured data has not yielded a rich result in the past, it may be worth reviewing the current structured data that is on the pages to ensure that there are at least three tagged courses and that carousel markup is also used.


Read the course’s updated structured data guidelines

Use the schema for the course carousel

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