Good news for Tesla Model 3 order holders as Australian deliveries increase again

So far in 2022, Tesla has been Australia’s best-selling electric vehicle brand. Although it has delivered less than 300 cars to Australian customers in the past three months, it still holds a significant lead over other brands with deliveries exceeding more than 4,500 electric vehicles in the country.

Even with that advance, the backlog means some customers who placed their orders last December have still not received confirmation that their car has been built and is on the way.

This is finally starting to change. Over the past 24 hours, some customers of Australia’s top-selling electric vehicle have reported that their cars have finally been produced.

So what does this mean for thousands of eagerly awaiting Tesla Model 3 order holders who have yet to receive their car?

Newly produced Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles are finally being prepared for shipment

In the past 24 hours, some Australian Tesla Model 3 owners are reporting that they have been able to locate their vehicle’s VIN. These reports come from various social channels, including the Australian Tesla Motor Club forum.

Some of these Tesla order holders originally placed their orders in November 2021, while others are as recent as January 2022. These cars will now be prepared for shipment from Shanghai to Australia when a carrier from suitable vehicle will be available. This is good news for many customers who have been waiting more than seven months since ordering their electric vehicles.

Model 3 Performance limited production so far

So far, cars produced for Australian order holders have been limited to base RWD and Long Range models.

The base RWD model now starts at over $65,500 after the last round of price increases this month. The same car cost less than $60,000 when many currently produced cars were purchased, almost 10% less than what new customers pay 6 months later.

The rest of the owners with these newly assigned VINs are reporting production of their Long Range model. Of the 4,400 Teslas delivered in Australia in 2022, this variant accounted for just over 14.5% of Tesla EVs so far, according to Australian EV Market data from carloop.

That means few of the most expensive version of Tesla’s Model 3 that tops the $100,000 price-drive, Performance variant, orders from last year were produced. This variant accounted for just over 4% of all Model 3 deliveries this year through May.

Good news for new Tesla customers and EV adoption as a whole

With fuel prices showing no signs of receding, many of those Tesla Model 3 customers with produced cars will be somewhat relieved.

They have waited several months for an update and it would be good news not only for them but also for thousands of others who are waiting to get behind the wheel of their first electric vehicle.

Since the Shanghai plant is producing right-hand drive cars this week, more cars bound for Australia are expected to be produced. This is great news for a bumper second half of EV deliveries this year and for EV adoption in Australia as a whole.