Generation Q season 2 trailer has arrived

The L word: generation Q, the sequel to the original Showtime drama The word I, is back for a second season on August 6. Ahead of his return, we have a trailer full of swoons and a desire to keep us going until the new season arrives.

The last time we parted with Bette, Alice, Shane and the newbies they were living, laughing and loving a lot. After losing her race for mayor, Bette finally had to deal with the grief of Tina’s departure… and her return.

Meanwhile, Alice struggled to stay afloat with her fiancé, Nat, and her very present ex-wife, Gigi as Shane ran a bar and struggled with his own life after the divorce.

There was also a lot of drama with the newbies, as Sophie and Dani struggled to plan their wedding and determine if they were right for each other, while Dani and Finley grew closer.

Where will this season lead? Take a first look at the Season 2 trailer below:

While the trailer, of course, doesn’t answer our burning questions about the cliffhanger of the season one finale – whether Dani chooses Sophie or Finley – we get a glimpse of what this season has in store for us.

First of all, Tina always sticks around and brings with her a girlfriend, Carrie, played by the truly iconic Rosie O’Donnell, further deepening Bette’s existential crisis over her celibacy and pushing her into the arms of Gigi, Nat’s ex-wife.

(Yes, The word I weaves a tangled web, hence the painting of Alice from the original series.)

Another cliffhanger from last season involved newbie Micah’s boyfriend, Jose, revealing he had a wife. As seen in the trailer above, it looks like Micah has moved on.

It looks like the second season has an expanded episode order, ten episodes in addition to the eight from the first season, which gives the show and fans plenty of time to explore all of these stories and more with their favorite characters.

Tune in to the premiere of the second season of The L word: generation Q August 6 on Showtime.