Frustrated Tony Stewart shoots Kevin Harvick Pit Crew amid post-race broadcast and stacks of drivers

Tony Stewart watched from Fox’s broadcast stand on Sunday as Kevin Harvick made his way through the field to position himself for a possible win at Sonoma, a track where he has had success in the past, including a victory in 2017. However, the final pit stoppage turned disastrous and all hope of victory faded.

The team owner watched helplessly and didn’t even try to hide his frustration, firing a shot at the pit crew for their efforts mid-show. The three-time Cup Series champion’s remarks were just the warm-up for what the driver had to say about the embarrassing error after the race.

Kevin Harvick in contention at Sonoma until disastrous pit stop

Kevin Harvick during qualifying for the NASCAR Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350 on June 11, 2022, at Sonoma Raceway. | Photo by Matthew Bolt/Sonoma Raceway/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kevin Harvick hasn’t won in his last 58 Cup Series races, dating back to the fall race at Bristol in 2020. This season he’s had a few chances to break the streak, finding himself in contention late, but , for some reason, something prevented it from happening.

With 29 laps to go in Sonoma, Harvick was running third, seconds behind Daniel Suarez but on the back bumper of second-placed Chris Buescher as the teams headed to pit road for the final stage of the day. If there was an opportunity for the SHR car to move up one position, it was during the pit stop as it pulled into the pits just behind #17. The cameras focused on the two cars, realizing how much was on the line.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t even a competition. The RFK Racing car came to a normal stop, finished in just over 12 seconds, removed the tires from its box and raced down pit road. Harvick was sitting there.

Frustrated Tony Stewart gets shot during broadcast

The #4 pit crew did everything right on the right side and were level with the #17 car, with both teams moving to the left sides of the car. That’s when disaster struck in what turned out to be a stoppage of over 21 seconds for Harvick’s team. The owner of the SHR could not hide his frustration.

“And a problem,” said Mike Joy, as Harvick’s pit crew appeared to lift the left side a second time as Buescher walked away from the picture.

“Aaah,” Stewart let out a long sigh, expressing his frustration.

“For the Rodney Childers team,” Joy continued. “They had to put it back together. And it was expensive. »

“That was probably the last pit stop, which would be the money stop,” noted Larry McReynolds.

“Or the lack of money ends in this scenario,” Stewart added, as Harvick began to roll down pit road. “It hurts.”

Harvick is understandably upset with the team’s repeated mistakes

While it was all happening, Harvick expressed his displeasure with the situation on team radio.

“I swear to God, we look like the biggest fucking group of wankers every week on pit road,” said the 2014 Cup Series champion. “We had a chance to win and we just blew it. ”

Unsurprisingly, the driver’s frustration carried over into the post-race interview.

“Our Ford Mustang Gear Wrench was good all weekend, but we just have a catastrophic failure at least once, maybe twice a weekend,” Harvick told Fox’s Vince Welch agitatedly. “We cannot understand this. But we came back as far as we could. I guess that’s what it is.

The 46-year-old continued a few minutes later chatting with reporters.

“We had a decent finish, but we didn’t finish where we should have,” he said. “We just took all our chances. We should have been second at worst, but we keep screwing up every week.

Harvick is currently on the outside looking for the playoff photo. But the playoffs aren’t his concern before the rest week. Resolving pit crew issues will be a top priority. And you can bet his boss will have something to say about it, just like he did Sunday in Sonoma.

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