Fox developing series based on TJ Middleton’s ‘Cliffhanger’ novels | Characteristics

CSI duo Melissa Byer and Treena Hancock are working on an adaptation of TJ Middleton’s black comedy book series Suspense for Renard.

Described as an hour-long dark comedic drama, the show follows the plot of the debut novel of the Suspense series, which involves an accidental murder that sends the protagonist out of control. This protagonist is Audrey Greenwood, a carpool driver who emerges from the pandemic upon realizing that she never wants to see her husband Al’s face again.

An unhealthy dose of rage and tequila sees Audrey attempting to kill her husband, but things don’t quite go as planned. Before she knows it, Audrey finds herself caught up in a twist murder mystery that has everyone in her small seaside town talking.

The TV series reverses the gender roles of the original novel, in which Al was the main character attempting to kill his wife, Audrey. It also updates the setting for the seaside landscapes of central England in the United States.

Byer and Hancock are about to write and produce the project. The couple have worked together on several shows before, including the original. CSImedical drama Chicago Med, and the Fox series The gifted and Houdini & Doyle.

Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, Drew Brown and Evan Corday of Cartel Entertainment will also be executive producers. Tim Binding, TJ Middleton’s real name, is on board as a consultant. Fox Entertainment will produce.

Middleton wrote three books in the Suspense series, with the first book published in 2008. The sequel, Fish tale, was released in 2016, with the follow-up, Ship Ohé!, published in 2017.

Series joins roster of new Fox shows in development, including dramas The cleaning lady and Monarch and comedies Swivel and Welcome to Flatch.

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