Federal funds requested to reduce congestion on Whiskey Road

AIKEN, SC (WRDW / WAGT) – Federal funds could be on the table to ease traffic on one of Aikens’ busiest roads. Senator Lindsey Graham is asking the city for $ 8 million to create a network of roads to move cars forward. But Whiskey Road has long had a congestion problem.

Late at night there isn’t that much traffic, but from morning until late at night Whiskey Road is bumper to bumper. But the Aikens city manager says he has one of the worst grades possible.

“From the point of view of the study of traffic, it is an F level and the lower the number is like a bulletin, the more the road is congested or congested, it is the worse it can get”, a said Stuart Bedenbaugh.

Think of it like a river, right now Whiskey Road is the mainstream. The plan is to eventually build connecting canals to other roads to help reduce traffic. But the problem is the funding.

“There is no doubt that road works in general is a very expansion proposition in general, obtaining the funding to do it by various means is where the challenge is,” said Bedenbaugh.

At present, 1% of the cities sales tax has collected seven million. If Aiken gets the $ 8 million Senator Graham asked for, the combined $ 15 million will speed up construction. The first phase will be to build Pinelog Road, which will reduce traffic by approximately 20 percent. And locals say it is necessary.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous, it’s still pretty stable. It’s definitely a place where if you want to be to work on time, you don’t want to travel, ”said Koery Holley, supervisor of Ferrando’s Pizza store.

The plan to ease traffic will also open several hundred acres for future development of Whiskey Road. Right now, local businesses say traffic keeps people away.

“Because that’s where all the business is in every restaurant, you know all about Walmart here, there are a lot of businesses here, but I think sometimes that can also scare off business,” he said. declared.

Currently, only 15 to 20 percent of Whiskey Road is completed. The whole project will cost around $ 120 million, but it’s a start.

“Every step forward is positive, but we realize there are still several steps to be taken,” said Holley.

The mayor is really grateful for the consideration and they hope everything will work out eventually.

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