Fans react to adorable video of Erica Dixon’s twins riding a carousel

Erica Dixon continues to keep her fans up to date with the kindness of her twin daughters, Eryss and Embrii.

On Friday, September 14, Dixon gifted fans a preview personalities different from her daughters after taking a trip to the zoo with them and her eldest daughter Emani. In the clip, Dixon and his three daughters were taking a carousel ride.

Erica Dixon’s daughter Emani (left) and Erica Dixon with their twin daughters Eryss and Embrii (Photo: @ msericadixon / Instagram)

It first shows Embrii riding his own horse alone and holding onto the pole. Then she shifts the camera to the left and shows her daughter Eryss sitting on the lap of her older sister, Emani, with her eyes closed. Dixon can be heard in the background trying to call out his daughter’s name and get her to open her eyes, but she kept them closed.

“Chili, it’s just a carousel,” Dixon said, “but she loves the swing.” She turns the camera over to her other daughter, who seems to have no fear of the ride, and encourages her by saying “Yay Brii”. But towards the end of the video, as the ride slows down, Dixon’s camera turns to Eryss and Dixon can be heard saying “Okay, Eryss”. Eryss continued to keep his eyes closed and even squeezed them a little harder after hearing his mother call him a second time.

“The day at the zoo with the family”, she wrote in the caption. Fans commented on the twins’ varying reactions to the ride. One person said, “One is fearless and the other is not here for that, LOL ❤️.” Another wrote: “Eryss is the one who always cuts and has the nerve to be afraid 😂 she is so pretty yet 😍.” Someone else commenting on the 2 year olds’ reactions said, “Lol those two different personalities shining through… so cute!”

While Dixon showed a photo of the twins’ father on Halloween, she chose to keep their relationship private. During a “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Where Are They Now” segment, Dixon not only talked about his daughters, but also talked a bit about his relationship with their father. She said he was a little younger than her and called herself a “cougar” and said that she was only missing “maybe two things” from the list she created when she prayed for her next man. Because she’s so secretive with their relationship, it’s not clear if they’re still together.

As for Emani, Dixon had it with his ex Lil scrappy, another “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star. Now Lil Scrappy has three more children with his wife and the star of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” Bambi.

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