Excitement as the Hull Fair takes shape with operators promising “best fair ever”

Hull Fair will be back on Friday October 8 and with over 250 rides available for punters, it’s no surprise that the Walton Street site is teeming with activity.

For the first time since World War II, due to the pandemic, the annual fair did not take place last year.

Keith Carroll, junior vice president of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain, said the disruption of events caused by the pandemic had “severely affected” the showmen, but was confident, weather permitting, this year’s fair would be a success.

“Everyone has done their best to make this one of the best hull shows ever,” he said.

“All the latest attractions are going to be here, everyone is building everything to prepare for it.

“We just hope that the weather will remain good for us and that we can have a good fair and a safe fair.”

While some questioned the wisdom of moving forward this year, Garry Leach, chairman of the Yorkshire Showmen’s Guild, said the planning for the fair was “meticulous”.

This year’s attractions include the Dutch-built KMG Extreme and France’s Snow Jet, as well as a 55m high Star Flyer, the tallest such ride ever seen in Hull.

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