English Dub Review: How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the “Well Fed, Well Considered” Kingdom


The dish that panicked everyone was a gellin. Which are basically slime enemies of RPGs. Poncho cuts them into strips and boils them. This process basically makes gellin udon so that Souma has every taste in the house. Hakuya is now going to be the prime minister and the first thing he asks Souma to do is take a day off. Souma takes the opportunity to go out with Liscia.

Our opinion :

Honestly, I was expecting something much worse with the way everyone was acting the last time around. Although I guess eating a slimy monster would be a little weird. Something tells me that almost every episode in this series will have a cliffhanger. This episode ended with a silly girl getting mad at whoever she was sitting with, so I imagine that will have ramifications next time around.

I’m not averse to harems in the anime but in this show I at least thought Souma wasn’t in all of this. But after finding out that polygamy is not only allowed but encouraged, he can’t help but fantasize. Although to be fair I guess I can’t blame her, and only time will tell if this goes anywhere, but I have a feeling Juna and Aisha are at least going to be his wives too at some point. .

I really like the character of Aisha, I thought she was just going to be your typical tough character who needed to mellow out. Turns out she already has a softer side and it’s adorable. She likes Souma a lot and keeps trying to get him to sleep with her, which is a bit cheesy but kinda expected at this point.

Liscia and Aisha have a friendly duel. Well… I say friendly, but that was definitely on the scary side. They were casting magic while fighting and that was pretty cool. I think people might just have one element that they are sensitive to and if so, it looks like Aisha is the wind while Liscia is the ice. The effects for magic were good, nothing special, but they were by no means bad.

Another episode, another cliffhanger, I’m intrigued to see what could piss off this person. Going through the anime tropes, I have a feeling someone will say bad things about Souma without realizing he’s there. The character design was pretty unique, so I imagine he’s going to be a pretty big character in the story.