Edinburgh Police closed Leith Road as crash leaves car bumper ‘ripped off’

Emergency crews rushed to the scene of a road collision in Leith after a car had its front ‘ripped off’ in a horror crash at night.

Footage from the scene at the junction of Duke Street and Easter Road shows a red vehicle with a badly damaged front bumper as ambulance and police teams respond to the incident.

At least seven officers and three paramedics have been dispatched to the busy street, which connects Easter Road and the foot of Leith Walk.

An eyewitness described a scene of “utter chaos” as they passed by taxi on Wednesday evening.

It is not known if anyone was seriously injured in the incident, but paramedics were seen talking to at least one person.

An eyewitness told Edinburgh Live: “Looks like there was an accident between two cars, the red was completely peeled off.

“There’s another one whose side has been broken and there’s a bunch of police and ambulances around.

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“I saw them talking to a few people right after and they completely cut off the road.

“I hope no one has been seriously injured because it looks chaotic.”

Scottish Police currently have a road closure on the street with access to Leith Links and Easter Road blocked.

Motorists are urged to make alternative arrangements, while bus services including 7, 14, 16, 22, 25 and 35 are affected.

Scottish Police and the Scottish Ambulance Service have been contacted for comment.

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