Ed Orgeron could be fired this year at LSU; fans want change

To quote John McEnroe, “You CANNOT be serious! Ah yes we can. Ed Orgeron could be sacked by LSU and the USC head coach position could open.

BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING ELSE: No, no, no, USC wouldn’t offer the job to Coach O. Definitely not. However, it is still fascinating to envision what is now a very realistic possibility: Orgeron being unemployed while the USC position is open, weeks after Clay Helton was fired.

USC fans know Helton was treated like Orgeron had HOPED he would be treated at Heritage Hall. Helton went from caretaker to permanent head coach in 2015, while Orgeron did not receive the same elevation two years earlier in 2013.

Back to Orgeron and his harness: do you think this is a hyperbolic hot take or an obvious clickbait?

LSU fans and analysts are convinced Orgeron must go. It won’t fly in Baton Rouge. Football is too big there for LSU to head into 2022 with Coach O at the helm.

There were plenty of tweets like this last night, and this particular commentator is an LSU blogger with extensive historical knowledge of the program:

The industry comparison with Ed Orgeron is Gene Chizik. Do you remember him ?

Chizik was very lucky that Cam Newton transferred to Auburn. Chizik led Newton and offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn to a national title, then won over the next two seasons. He was gone, despite his national championship.

Orgeron was very lucky that Joe Burrow transferred to LSU. Orgeron led Burrow and offensive coordinator Joe Brady to a national title, and then faced the next two seasons.

The symmetry is undeniable.

LSU lost at home to Auburn on Saturday, an unforgivable sin in Baton Rouge. LSU has yet to play Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas and Florida. It’s a 7-5 season at best, maybe only 6-6. If LSU somehow loses to Texas A&M, the Tigers could go 5-7.

Given how badly LSU is trained – the Tigers burned a timeout BEFORE their last possession at the end of a 24-19 game – Ed Orgeron’s hot seat speech is not at all exaggerated .

The coaching carousel is getting crazier and crazier. We are ONLY October 3rd.