Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Major Spoilers Leaked Ahead of Release

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is almost here, and it is expected to continue the intense and long fight between the Saiyan heroes and the Gas of the Heeter Force. The previous chapter ended on a cliffhanger, with Vegeta saying he keeps getting stronger with the power of his Ultra Ego transformation, but will the Saiyan Prince’s most powerful form be enough to defeat Gas? Major spoilers have been leaked ahead of the release of the manga chapter, providing answers to questions and revealing another powerful transformation!

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Credit: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super Goku vs Gaz

Warning: major spoilers for Dragon Ball Superr Chapter 85 to come.

On Twitter, user @DBSCronicles shared an English translation of the spoiler details shared by @DBHype1, and it shows that the biggest fight in Arc Granolah the Survivor is far from over. The title of this month’s Dragon Ball Super chapter is To each his own answerand it picks up right where Chapter 84 left off: Vegeta tells Gas that damage is like fuel for his Ultra Ego form, as Goku watches them.

Vegeta continues to get beaten up by Gas while Goku tries to figure out what he can do with his Ultra Infinct form. Unfortunately, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form isn’t enough to bring him down, and the Prince of the Saiyans falls back, but before Gas can deliver the finishing blow, Goku saves Vegeta by creating a shield to protect himself from the deadly attack. of Gas.

With Vegeta down, Goku resumes the fight, and when Gas asks if his hair is going to turn silver or blue this time, he replies, “None. I’ve found the transformation that will best suit my current state of mind. ” Goku powers up in his Ultra Instinct – Sign form, so his hair is still black.

Gas asks him why he transformed this way because he thinks silver is the strongest, and Goku replies that Ultra Instinct’s perfected form requires a calm mind, but his current form allows him to. to use with one’s emotions “as they are”.

Goku is able to evade Gas’ attacks with the power of his Ultra Instinct – Signe form as he gains the upper hand against the villain. Macki and Oil fear that Gas will lose as they watch.

Then Elec walks up to Gas, grabs him by the neck and asks him why he wanted to become the greatest in the entire universe, and Gas responds by saying that his goal is to make the Heeters the greatest organization in the universe. universe. Elec reminds him that to do this he would have to kill Frieza and that the extinction of the Saiyans is only the beginning. Elec tells him that he has to use his whole life to win the fight, and that he has more power than that.

Goku arrives on the scene and tells Elec not to push Gas too hard, but Elec just tells him to shut up, and that there is no time for Gas.

As Goku wonders what Elec is talking about, suddenly he sees a huge explosion of power behind Elec, and now Gas has transformed into a new form: Gas looks old with wrinkles, and Macki and Oil are surprised to see him look like this. . The chapter ends with Elec saying that’s what he was talking about.

Check out the full spoiler details below:

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is scheduled to release on June 20, 2022. You can read more details about the next chapter here.