Does BisMan have lookalikes? See for yourself

There is a saying that everyone has someone in this world who looks like them. I’m sure it’s not too hard to find, because some people have characteristics that are quite easy to resemble

I never thought about it too much until someone told me that in a photo of me when I was younger I looked a lot like actor Patrick Dempsey (when he was in his youth) – some said he was my Doppelganger – the saddest thing is that he has become much more beautiful over the years, and, frankly, I didn’t

.The word Doppelganger

I think you now understand the meaning of the Doppelganger –

  1. an apparition or double of a living person.

Now that we all understand, I know for a fact that Bismarck and Mandan have Doppelgangers. However, they might not be humanity.

Somewhere in Norco, California – this semi-tiny figure has a Doppelganger right here in Bismarck:

It’s actually one of my favorite things to do when I meet someone, and it doesn’t always stick with everyone, I like trying to see who they look like. For example, here’s a co-worker….. Rockin’ Rick

Do you see it? Rick’s doppelganger is former Las Vegas Raiders head coach John Gruden. The next time you go out, to the store or to a Bismarck Bobcats hockey game, look around and see if you can see anyone who looks like someone famous or not. This one is fine…….

Austin Roll Facebook

Austin Roll Facebook

Beverly Hills Cops BMI

Beverly Hills Cops BMI

First photo is Dvorak Motor Sports and RV Center’s own manager, here at Bismarck-Austin Roller, 2nd photo is John Ashton, who was one of the actors in the hit 1984 film ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ starring Eddie Murphy .

You see, we have Doppelgangers here!

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