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Windows 11 is almost here. Microsoft has set a release date for October 5, and soon many of us will be using the brand new operating system. Windows 11 is different in many ways from Windows 10, so it’s good to know how things work in this new version. If you’re a Windows insider, you’re probably already familiar with the many new features already available in preview. But for everyone, we’re here to help. There are many parts of Windows 11 that we’ll be digging into deeper into, and this article will focus on the Microsoft Store.

Yes, the Microsoft Store has received a much-needed facelift for Windows 11, and it looks a lot better than ever on Windows 10. Aside from the UI changes we’ll cover here, the new Microsoft Store also accepts. more types of applications than ever. You will be able to find many web apps like TikTok or Reddit, and traditional desktop apps will become more widely available as Microsoft has made the terms more appealing to developers. The Microsoft Store is fast becoming the one-stop-shop for all your apps on Windows 11 – if Microsoft’s vision comes to fruition, at least.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store user interface

When you first launch the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, you’ll immediately notice that things are different. Rather than a header menu, the different sections of the store are now listed on the left side of the screen. These included Applications, Games, and Movies and TV (if available in your region). You also have icons for each section, adding a touch of life to the interface, as well as rounded corners throughout the user interface. At the bottom left, you also get quick access to your library page and help.

Microsoft Store home page

At the top, you get a search bar to help you find content on the Microsoft Store, and next to it, your profile picture. This is where you can access your account settings such as payment methods. You can also redeem a gift code for the Microsoft Store here, as well as the app settings. We’ll come back to these pages later, but for now let’s focus on the four main sections.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store Sections

It’s hard to miss, but when you open the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, you get this giant banner highlighting a specific item or group of items. The homepage brings it all together, so you can see movies and TV shows, apps or games here. At the bottom of the banner, a carousel presents all the highlighted items. You can see a progress bar indicating how long it takes for the banner to move to the next item.

If you hover the mouse over any of the carousel items, you can see its title and the banner transitions are suspended until you move away from it. This behavior applies to the four main sections of the app, as you can see below in the applications section.

Microsoft Store Windows 11 Banner and Carousel

While this banner takes up most of the space, you can scroll down from here to see more items. On the Home section, you can see different categories highlighted as you scroll. You’ll see a collection of “essential” apps and popular free games, the best free apps, and trending articles.

In other sections, the Microsoft Store delves into each of the categories. The items are grouped into notable categories, such as productivity apps, new PC games, and more. At the very bottom of each section, there is also a list of collections, highlighting specific types of items. For example, there may be a collection of games from Xbox Game Studios for fans of the brand.

As you go through these sections, you will see yellow labels indicating that an item is for sale. In the Game section, there are also labels for the games included in Xbox Game Passwhich means you can get them for free if you are a subscriber.

Searching for applications

Using the search bar at the top will still feel very familiar to you, although Microsoft has tried to improve the logic of the search results here. When you start typing, you’ll find search suggestions for common searches, as well as products that may match your search terms. If what you are looking for is not listed, you can press the button Enter on your keyboard to perform a full search.

Search results can be filtered by the type of item you are looking for, age groups, and whether you want to include free or paid apps. Results are presented in a grid format, with prices and ratings easily visible from the search page.

Search the Microsoft Store Windows 11

Microsoft Store Product Pages

When you open a product page, the experience is also very different from what it was in Windows 10. The appearance of the page depends on the type you are looking at. For apps, you will see a banner on the left side with the app icon, name, overall rating, and download button.

In the biggest part of the window, you get a carousel with screenshots of the app, the full description, and more. Scrolling down lets you see more information about the publisher, terms of service, permissions the app has, and the languages ​​it supports. There are also recommendations for similar types of applications at the bottom.

MyTube list on the Microsoft Store

For games and movies the layout is different. You will see a large banner with a highlight image of the product, and you can click on the product icon to watch a trailer. Naturally, these are the types of content that justify trailers more than typical apps, so that makes sense. You can still see the description, screenshots, and ratings by scrolling down.

For Xbox games, you will also see options to purchase the game or play it on Game Pass, and you may also see a message if your PC does not meet the requirements to play the game. Additionally, downloading Xbox games will allow you to will lead to the Xbox app, instead of happening directly in the Microsoft Store.

For everything else, when you start a download, you’ll see a progress indicator in the pause button, represented by a circle around the pause / resume icon. You will also see exactly how much data has been uploaded compared to the total size. If you want to keep track of multiple downloads at once – or if you want to cancel a download – you’ll need to use the library section of the store.

Download Asphalt 9 Legends from the Microsoft Store

Windows 11 Microsoft Store: your library

Let’s move on to library Microsoft Store section, this is where you can see all of the items that you have already purchased or downloaded. By default, these are listed in the order they were last updated or downloaded, but you can change it. You can filter the list to include only apps, games, or movies, and there is also a section for apps included with your device. From there, you can open the Store listing for each item, open the app or game in question, or click the ellipsis icon to share the app or pin it to your taskbar. tasks or Start menu.

This page is also where you can check for updates for your apps and manage all your current and pending downloads. The “Get updates” The button will check for updates for all of your apps, and all downloads will be at the top of the page. You can pause and resume downloads, or cancel them completely by clicking the ellipsis icon next to the app.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store Library Page


Finally, let’s take a look at the Microsoft Store settings. As we mentioned above, clicking on your profile picture will bring up a few options related to your account and the store itself. The first three options are more related to your account. You can sign out of the Store if you’re using your Microsoft account, or manage your settings such as payment methods and devices, which will take you to your browser. You can also redeem a gift card or code from this menu.

But what we’re focusing on here is the settings page, which is pretty basic. Here you can choose if you want the apps to update automatically for example, but the big settings are buy connection and offline permissions. Sign-in to purchases is turned off by default, which means that every time you make a purchase from the Microsoft Store, you need to enter your credentials, whether it’s a password, a PIN code or biometric authentication. Enabling this toggle means you won’t have to log in every time, but it can also lead to accidental or unwanted purchases.

Microsoft Store Settings

Offline permissions, on the other hand, are for apps with limited licenses – that is, apps that can only be used on one device or a handful of devices at a time. If you enable offline permissions on a specific device, that device will be your default device. This way, if you are not connected to the internet, these apps will still work.

This covers most of what you need to know about the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. With the operating system less than a month away from release, it’s good to be prepared so you don’t feel lost after the upgrade. up to date. We’re going to dig deeper into the features of Windows 11 so you can stay on top of everything.

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