Director Dami Elebe laments the state of Lagos airport

Nollywood screenwriter and director Dami Elebe has lamented the neglected state of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

On her Twitter On Sunday, she recounted her experience at the airport which she said was riddled with puddles due to leaks.

“All of Murtala Muhammed International Airport is leaking. Everywhere,” she tweeted.

Elebe added: “Emirates had to give them a blanket to wipe down the ramp entrance from the plane. They had to move the AC from the wall because water was leaking on it. Puddles everywhere. SAVAGE. Nigeria cannot be real.

“How can an airport not have a central cooling system? The immigration center smelled like piss.

“So the baggage carousel?” It’s broken. He even pushes the bags from the carousel. And I saw this carousel when it was new a few years ago. Maintenance culture, ZERO.

“I’m really pissed off guys. Really upset. How can this be the first place someone sees when they arrive on a plane? What is Nigeria?

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