Did the team find David Hodges?

Come in tonight CSI: Vegas season 1 finale, we knew most of the questions revolved around one person: David Hodges. Did the team actually find it?

Well, we saw that for most of the episode there were some serious dilemmas surrounding this character. At least part of the episode was missing and at around 45 minutes we’ll be honest in saying that we don’t know how they were going to die at each end. Could someone find it; or, were we going to see this left as a major cliffhanger? (There is no confirmed Season 2 at this time, which just adds to the chaos.)

The last few minutes here, suffice to say, have been intense … very intense. There was a lot of chaotic things going on here! Grissom and Sara were running out of time to save David, but in the end they were able to find him. Not only that, but he was actually still alive! His first words were “you took enough time” – and finally, we were just happy to see him.

Yet even after Hodges’ discovery, there were still other issues to be resolved, including whether or not he should face the jury. Luckily it turned out well – not only that, but Wix ended up getting their desserts.

So what’s huge cliffhanger after all of this? Not so much when it comes to the Hodges story. We don’t think a substantial number of viewers would suddenly watch CSI: Vegas going forward just because of some kind of shock that ends there. They will come back for the nostalgia, and of course for more Grissom and Sara.

Yet we do still get a little tease of something at very end – a serial killer! Consider this a place to go for the show, if nothing else.

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