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Dave Marcuccilli double winner of the modified feature film.

By Dave Medler

FULTON, NY – Saturday night at Fulton Speedway was a night Dave Marcuccilli and his racing team will be talking about for a long time as he swept a pair of Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar 358 Modified 35 laps on Ferris Mowers night.

In the first feature film, Marcuccilli would start 12th and work his way through the top five, then second before halfway. When Marcuccilli moved up to second, he quickly began to narrow Jeff Sykes’ big lead, knocking him down and making the winning pass on the 18th round. Once in front, Marcuccill moved away from the peloton directly into the winning lane.

On June 19, 7 laps were completed in the modified 35-lap function before heavy rain hit the race track, postponing the end of the race until August 7.

Shaking off the momentum of his victory earlier in the night, Dave Marcuccill would move away from the rest of the peloton by gaining nearly 3 seconds in the ladies over points leader Ron Davis III.

Matt Janczuk won the DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman 25-lap debut feature with Tim Devendorf winning his first career Sportsman race in the second feature. The completion of the first feature is pending technology before being formalized.

The other feature film winners were Chad Homan (late models) Jason Breezee (novice athlete) Amy Holland (Fulton Sportsman Dash’s first women).

The modified 35-lap first function would see Jeff Sykes take the lead and immediately rise to the top on lap five. Behind Sykes you could have thrown a blanket over Mike Stanton Jr., Corey Barker, Lucas Fuller as they battled for second, third and fourth with Todd Root not far behind them.

Sykes would make big advances twice before quick warnings obliterated them. The race behind him was two and three wide across the field.

With 15 laps displayed on the scoring tower, Sykes still controlled the race as Marcuccilli, Bob Henry Jr. and Ron Davis III looked for a way to get closer to Sykes.

Marcuccilli was the fastest car on the track because he was able to run over Sykes. On lap 18, Marcuccilli found the speed he needed at the top of the track to take the lead.

Once in the lead, no one seriously challenged Dave Marcuccilli for the rest of the race with the popular victory. Bob Henry Jr., Jeff Sykes, Tim Sears Jr. and Ron Davis III completed the top five.

The wait function of June 19 which had 7 full laps would see Marcuccill take full control of the race when it returns to green.

With 15 laps completed, Marcuccilli had built an immediate lead while Marshall Hurd, Todd Root, Ron Davis III and Larry Wight ran from second to fifth.

Marcuccilli would lead by almost 5 seconds with 10 laps to go. Hurd, Davis, Root and Wight were still in the top five.

In the last laps and without yellow, Dave Marcuccilli won his second victory of the night. Points leader Ron Davis III, Marshall Hurd, Todd Root and Larry Wight finished second to fifth.

The first 25-lap Sportsman feature would see Mike Button leading the first 2 laps before Wade Chrisman took the lead.

On lap 10, Chrisman put some distance between him and the three-behind battle where you could have thrown a blanket over Willy Decker Jr., Button and Richard Murtaugh.

With 10 laps to go, Chrisman was still in the lead, but he would see Murtaugh reduce his lead to a few car lengths. Button and Matt Janczuk who started 18th were still looking for victory.

A yellow in the 19th and 23rd laps would tighten the field for a shootout until the finish.
In the last lap, Matt Janczuk would get a great run down the track by drawing a tie with Wade Chrisman and then beating him at the ladies by 0.657. Richard Murtaugh, Willy Decker Jr. and Mike Button finished third to fifth.

Sportsman # 1 feature is unofficial until technology is advanced.

The second 25-lap Sportsman feature would see Edward Lukas leading the first lap before a warning. On the restart, Tim Devendorf was quick on the top of the track, taking first place.

With 10 laps displayed on the scoring tower, Devendorf and Lukas raced bumper to bumper and side-to-side in a thrilling fight for the lead. Quinn Wallis, Rachel Zacharias and Mike Phelps were close to expecting an error from the first two.

Devendorf was able to put a few car lengths between himself and Lukas with Quinn Wallis quickly winning over the top two. Zacharias and Phelps were still in the fight.

Devendorf, Lukas and Wallis put on a show for the fans as they battled for the lead until a yellow on lap 23.

Tim Devendorf got a great restart and that was the difference in the race as he claimed his first career victory on the speedway. Quinn Wallis, Edward Lukas, Mike Phelps and Rachel Zacharias finished second to fifth.

Late models Billy Whittaker Cars and Trux RUSH took to the rooftops on Saturday night for their 20-lap topless feature.

Bret Belden would take the lead down the green and open up an almost immediate lead on lap 5. Behind Belden, Harry Halliday and Chad Homan were in a close fight for second and third with Kevan Cook and Sean Beardsley showing on the scoring tower.

Halfway through the race, Belden was still leading with Homan cutting his lead in half, Halliday, Beardsley and Cook continuing to run in the top five.

A warning on lap 11 slowed the pace. When the field returned to the green, it took a few laps for Homan to take the lead and move away from the field and pass under the pawns for his seventh win of the year with 3.9 seconds. Harry Halliday, Chris Fleming, Bret Belden and Sean Beardsley rounded out the top five.

Jason Breezee would lead each lap of the 15-lap E&V Energy Novice Sportsman. Breezee should delay one last lap, turning three and four side by side for the drag race ahead of Jason Doty. Mikey Wight, Brianna Murtaugh and Scott Kline round out the top five.

Amy Holland would lead every round of Matt Becker’s annual first lady from Fulton Sportsman Dash. Rachel Zacharias, Brianna Murtaugh and Michelle Courcy finished second to fourth.

There won’t be a race at Fulton Speedway this Saturday because McDonald’s® restaurants feature the Monster Trucks Nationals powered by Tracey Road Equipment on Friday and Saturday August 13th and 14th.

The raw power of the Renegade Monster Truck Tour will rock the stands in a high-energy event that’s packed with non-stop action for fans.

Meet Monster Truck veterans Virginia Giant, Stinger Unleashed and Saigon Shaker as well as Lindsey Rettew in Pretty Wicked and more. Fans will love the Mini Monster Trucks, featuring kids in real trucks built like their full-sized counterparts. The Renegade Rippers Tough Trucks round out the lineup for what is sure to be two exciting evenings of family fun.

Family pricing. Discounted general admission tickets are now $ 20 online, but will drop to $ 25 on the day of the show. Children ages 3-12 cost just $ 10, while kids 2 and under are free. Visit a participating McDonald’s and get a four-pack family coupon (two adults and two children) for just $ 60. Come early and come to the Fun Zone Track party – only $ 5 per person. Buy a driving experience on the Renegade Ride Truck for just $ 15.

Tickets are available now at www.fultonspeedway.com. Once there, click on the Renegade Monster Truck Tour photo at the top of the page to purchase your tickets.

The doors will open at 4:00 p.m. Fun Zone & Track Party: 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monster Truck rides: 4.30 p.m.-6.30 p.m. Monster Truck Engines Fire: 7:00 p.m.

Races on the “Highbanks” will return on Saturday August 21, when Ingles Performance presents an exciting night of racing featuring the Modifieds, Sportsman, Late Models, Novice Sportsman and Mod Lites.

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(Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar 358 Modified 35 Laps) – DAVE MARCUCCILLI, Bob Henry Jr., Jeff Sykes, Tim Sears Jr., Ron Davis III, Lucas Fuller, Jason Parkhurst, Pat Ward, Todd Root, Marshall Hurd, Jackson Gill, Larry Wight, Corey Barker, Dylan Zacharias, Jeff Taylor, Chris Cunningham, Sean Beardsley, AJ Kingsley, Ryan Richardson, CJ Castelletti, Nick Krause, Mike Stanton Jr., Joe Shields, Andrew Ferguson, Roy Bresnahan.

(Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar 358 modified June 19 Holdover 35 laps) – DAVE MARCUCCILLI, Ron Davis III, Marshall Hurd, Todd Root, Larry Wight, Jackson Gill, Tim Sears Jr., Jackson Gill, Bob Henry Jr., Tim Sears Jr ., Pat Ward, Corey Barker, Dylan Zacharias, Chris Cunningham, Nick Krause, Jeff Taylor, Jason Parkhurst, Ryan Richardson, CJ Castelletti, Jeff Sykes, Sean Beardsley, Joe Shields, Roy Bresnahan, Justin Crisafulli, Michael Maresca, Andrew Ferguson, Jordan McCreadie, Derek Webb, Ben Bushaw, Nick Nye, Mike Stanton Jr., Tyler Meeks, Mike Mandigo, Alan Barker, Cameron Black, Colton Wilson, Nick Webb, RJ Tresidder, Tommy Collins.

(DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman # 1 – 25 laps waiting for technology) – MATT JANCZUK, Wade Chrisman, Richard Murtaugh, Willy Decker Jr., Mike Button, Amy Holland, Jack Meeks, Stephen Marshall, Joe Kline, Kyle Devendorf, Brett Draper , Kelly Smith, Richie Riggs, Dorian Wahdan, Rocky Grosso, Teddy Clayton, Jeff Prentice, Tim Falter, Tyler Stevenson, Chris Bonoffski, Matt Caprara, George Dyer, Kearra Backus, DQ Tony Finch II, DQ Dave Moyer.

(NAPA Chase Elliott Auto Parts Award) – Joe Kline.

(DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman # 2 – 25 laps) – TIM DEVENDORF, Quinn Wallis, Ed Lukas, Mike Phelps, Rachel Zacharias, Jimmy Moyer, Rick Miller, Josh Amodio, Andrew Buff, Tyler Corcoran, Chris Mackey, Matt Kitt, AJ Miller , Ryan Dolbear, Mike Root, Robert Gage, Matt Richardson, Emmett Waldron, Jake Davis, Ryan Barrett, Tony Steiner, Cody Manitta, Remington Hamm, Brett Sears.
(NAPA Chase Elliott Auto Parts Award) – Andrew Buff.

(Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Topless Late Models 20 Laps) – CHAD HOMAN, Harry Halliday, Chris Fleming, Bret Belden, Sean Beardsley, Kevan Cook, Dave Moyer, Todd Chapman, Max Hill, Mike Kazmierczak.

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman 15 laps) – JASON BREEZEE, Jason Doty, Mikey Wight, Brianna Murtaugh, Scott Kline, Dwight Nichols, Tayvyn Marino, Josh Fellows, Buddy Leathley, DNS Austin Cooper.

(Matt Becker’s First Lady of Fulton Dash 1.200 $. 2. 100. 3rd $ 29. – 5 rounds) – AMY HOLLAND, Rachel Zacharias, Brianna Murtaugh, Michelle Courcy.

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