Dave Aranda will not be available for job interviews this week

USC Trojans play BYU on Saturday night. Something happened during the USC game that will affect the coaching carousel to some extent.

Baylor is working on an offer he would extend to head coach Dave Aranda. On a TV show last week, Aranda expressed his satisfaction with Baylor’s job, an outward indication that he will stay in school.

It could indeed happen, but as we said at the time, Aranda has no way of saying he’s interested in USC or LSU. He still trains Baylor on the pitch. He wouldn’t want to reduce Baylor’s chances of winning the Big 12.

The big event on Saturday night that redefines Aranda’s outlook – and the time frame within which he will make his decision on where he will coach in 2022 – was Oklahoma’s loss to the state of Oklahoma.

The Sooners will not be in the Big 12 Championship Game. Aranda and Baylor will be there against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. This means Aranda can’t get job interviews for next week if he wants to at least explore USC or LSU jobs.

Matt Campbell can be interviewed if he wishes. Aranda has to wait if it’s something he enjoys.

Let’s play a bit: if the rumors that Matt Campbell is turning down USC are true, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a setback for Mike Bohn. He can be ready on December 5 and take over with Aranda, assuming Baylor’s coach does not sign an overtime. Aranda, if he has any desire to come to USC, won’t have to fight Matt Campbell for the job next week (SI Campbell refuses). The position would still be open in a week. Bohn could refine his sales pitch.

If Campbell is either undecided about USC or has a genuine interest in the job, the one-week delay would hurt Aranda’s chances of coming to Heritage Hall. Campbell is in the front row precisely because Aranda is tied with Baylor football on the pitch for another week.

We will of course keep you informed of all the twists and turns of the coaching carousel. Late Saturday night, there is no clear endgame, just a lot of rumors and private maneuvering.

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