Could this be the last on The CW?

With Wednesday’s Season 3 premiere approaching, it makes sense to worry about the future of Daughter of the Stars. The reason is quite simple: it’s a show that airs on The CW. A lot has happened with the network over the past few months as several shows have been canceled for a wide range of factors. One of them is related to the Warner Bros. deal. Discovery, but the principal is the majority of the network sold to Nexstar. This is a company that will look to de-age the network’s programming, which could mean a superhero drama aimed at young adults will end up being cut.

We wish we could say something that would give you hope for a season 4, but we can’t – beyond the simple fact that no one has confirmed that season 3 will be the end. Yet in a new interview with KSiteTV, star Brec Bassinger made it clear that showrunner Geoff Johns made sure there was a proper ending to this season in case the show Is to be cancelled:

“Our showrunner is so smart and charming that he protected us anyway, which I think is so wonderful.”

Johns doing this goes hand in hand with what many other producers on The CW have done, as network boss Mark Pedowitz reportedly warned many people well in advance that this could happen. After all, it’s better to give audiences a reasonably fitting ending, and most canceled shows at The CW had it. We are still disgusted Legends of tomorrow, which was canceled and also ended in a pretty massive cliffhanger. After so many years, it deserved at least a ten-episode final season and a chance to end properly.

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Do you think that star girl will season 3 be the last on The CW?

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