Chucky Season 1 Episode 3 review: I love to be cuddled

Chucky is here to stay, but everyone at Hackensack is being fair game in their latest kill.

Chucky Season 1 Episode 3 has placed many characters in new and exciting positions, leaving us with a killer cliffhanger that has the potential to turn the series upside down.

He’s been planning to kill Lexy for a while now, and whenever he gets close to his plan, something happens.

Did teens think a silent rave was a good idea when corpses popped up in town?

They can be painted as accidents, but there is so much more at stake here.

Lexy’s house as the setting for this backstage reunion was a good plan, but it was obvious that her new boyfriend was getting cut first.

Finding Lexy - Chucky Season 1 Episode 3

From a storytelling standpoint, Junior has motive to kill, and the show can use it to his advantage to bring him closer to his cousin.

There must be a time when the cousins ​​come together, and maybe Jake will help Junior now that he knows his cousin isn’t all bad.

Jake also made the fateful decision to hand the doll over to Lexy for his sister.

Let’s go back to Lexy for a minute. As if we didn’t already know she was the worst, my disdain for her increased astronomically with her silly apologies to Jake, followed by her request to hand the doll back to her.

Jake Searches - Chucky Season 1 Episode 3

Lexy grew up in a powerful family and is the kind of person who thinks people should go out of their way to help her. But she really did meet her partner in Chucky.

Even more concerning were the final scenes of her smoking pot and fight with the Killer Doll.

The point of the cliffhanger was to make us believe she was dead, but with her pot smoking, people will say she imagined it all.

None of the other revelers saw Chucky in action, but Caroline informed her sister of the doll’s plan for her.

Caroline Has Chucky Season 1 Episode 3

Lexy needed to get some stakes knocked over, and something tells me her family will be dragged through the mud now that Lexy is involved in the murders.

The media loves good political scandals and Michelle is about to find herself in deep trouble.

One thing that annoyed me was the whole Halloween costume. Surely, if the post was on social media, it would have garnered media attention?

Lexy is the daughter of the most powerful person in town. It would make headlines, but future episodes will likely show it to come to fruition.

Caroline Questions - Chucky Season 1 Episode 3

Jake being unable to kill Lexy was no surprise. Part of Jake wants to be the best version of himself, but people really push him to be a killer.

My theory was that Chucky wanted to use Jake as a scapegoat if the recent spike in crime came back to haunt him, but after witnessing the flashbacks, he thinks Jake needs a little push to become a full-fledged killer.

If you watch Chucky online, you know the show threw some weird revelations about Charles’ past, but the revelation that Chucky killed his mother came out of left field.

The series successfully extends the mythology established by the film series while simultaneously forging its way forward.

Killing Time - Chucky Season 1 Episode 3

There will no doubt be a media frenzy as a result of what happened at the Cross House, and that will likely be what alerts people like Tiffany, Andy, and Nica that the doll has returned to its old tricks.

The storylines have to converge at some point, especially if Andy was the person who called out Jake in Episode 1 of Chucky Season 1.

Tiffany will be more of a wild card because she’s been so devoted to Charles and Chucky over the years, so having someone like her in town will take the murders to a whole new level.

At the heart of this story, however, is Jake and the way he navigates this journey. Chucky thinks he has all the makings of a serial killer, but even when he finds himself in gnarled positions, he’s still managed to avoid killing.

Caroline Upset - Chucky Season 1 Episode 3

My new theory is that the cousins ​​are going to come together and try to stop what is happening in Hackensack, but not until a lot more people fall.

We have had two adults and a child who are dead now, and the dying child will be what turns the whole thing upside down. Detective Evans was quick to hint that Jake was a killer, but now that a murder happened at a party his son was attending with no Jake in sight, well, look for her to change her position.

“I Like to Be Hugged” was another stellar episode in this slasher drama. It really is one of the biggest surprises of the year because it has an exciting plot, decent killings, and the perfect dialogue.

What did you think of Chucky’s latest rampage?

A Killer Doll Tall - Chucky Season 1 Episode 2

Has he gone too far?

Were you surprised that he helped the serial killer in the past?

Do you think Lexy has to survive?

Chucky continues Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on USA and Syfy.

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